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Summer Exchange: Owlbear (macaw) and Roaches

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Roaches EEwwww but well painted ( just admit you put a live one in there :devil: )

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OMG it's an owlbear that's a parrot...it's a parrot bear...it can talk!


"Hey Boo-Boo, Polly want a pic-a-nic basket!"


Looks great!

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        I am Grr-Hoot!

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      Here's a few random Bones minis that I've finished over the last couple of months.  I finally got around to photographing them when I finished the bookshelves recently.
      77318 Bookshelves
      I didn't pick any of these up during the Bones II KS, but we grabbed a few during the 12 days promotion.  Love the detail on these and can't beat the Bones prices!  They work really well with DwarvenForge Game Tiles and I wanted to get them painted in time for the City System KS shipments.


      77156 Owlbear
      This was a pretty quick paint job.  I had initially planned to do more with him, but after finishing a few basic steps, I looked at it and said, looks good, don't mess it up!

      77144 Mummy
      Another simple paint job.  I painted him quite awhile ago as he was a test piece to see how different sealers worked on Bones.  I've had some poor luck with Krylon sprays (turn glossy over time, no matter how matte it looks initially), so this was a test with just testor's dullcote.  Definitely no shine months later, although not sure it really provides that much protection either.  Luckily, it's Bones, durable, and a simple figure, so I'm not concerned.
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      I was taking a stroll through the woods one day, and came upon a beast from the ancient days of BONES I, the Jabberwock!

      This guy had been mostly finished for a long time, but wouldn't stay upright.  I couldn't get a rod through his legs, so I wound up gluing the heck out of his tail to get it to stay to the base.

    • By Kharsin
      Hello All! I'm posting pics from my Summer Exchange that Generic Fighter received today. He indicated that he wanted to receive: "Looking for an Intellegent Undead type. Female Vampire or Any Gender Lich. Or anything cool. Just have fun and it will be enjoyed:)" He also indicated that he used these for various scenarios he GM'd for, indicating a 1" base. I don't think I've ever used a slotted base before, as I tend to go overboard with the diorama stuff. In lieu of a fancy base, I decided to send him 2 figures:
      03150: Siobhana, Vampire Noble and 03229: Elise Anya, Vampire Hunter
      I simply titled them: "Hunter and Hunted" I'll let GF determine which is which! Here's some pics!






      I decided to play around with paints and paint her up in a burgundy dress. Unfortunately, I did not take notes so I don't recall which paints I used from which set.   There was no way she was coming off of that stone base so I just sealed the slot, and glued it directly to the base. The "liquid" on the base is string gel medium mixed up with various shades of red, and drops of acrylic ink added and swirled around to make it look interesting.






      Elise's color scheme was inspired by Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite. Of course, I took quite a bit of artistic liberty with her. I was afraid that she was going to get burgled by either my daughter or a friend of ours whom I think was somewhat serious about purchasing her. LOL!
      And the two of them together:


      That's about it! I hope Generic Fighter enjoys them and that they knock each other silly in whatever scenario he finds to use them in! Thanks for looking!
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