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If Forumites were paint colors...


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So Doc had mentioned (I think in "Minis we'd like to see") about how he'd like to have a purple paint for his hat. It made me think if I had a paint, what color would it be?


Feel free to list your choice or other Forumites. I'll try to keep this post updated with the suggestions. 


Oh and Anne feel free to run with these  ^_^



Stanky Sock (White/Yellow)



Bowler black
Ludo Fur Brown
Friendly Rock (grey)



MissMelons's Melons (Green) You were expecting a different color?

Mischievous Purple



Sith Saber (Red)



Ninja Kitty (pinkish purple)



Byranzilla (Green)

The Hat 



Bushido Black

Ronin Red

Katana Silver 



Raven Shadow (Dark Blue)



Barbarian Rage (Red flesh wash)

Ub3r Blu3

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Hm, I think pinkish-purple for "Kitty Hat" would do nicely.


"Ninja Kitty" would be black with a purple shimmer. :wub:


Like-stomp Green: Dark forest green with gold sparkly bits! :bday:



--OneBoot :D

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