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Christopher Lee has died at 93


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He was apparently proudest of the original "The Wicker Man." He felt that his performance as Lord Summerisle was his finest... which I find kind of surprising. Summerisle's NOT the star of the show, and his performance, all things considered, is remarkably restrained.

Then again, I understand he fought like a wildcat to get the movie made in the first place... and if you walk into it without knowing the twist, it's a stunning film.

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Ah, OK.  General Fantasy is not the place I would have expected for it.


*shrugs* yeah, I'd have put it in off-topic as well, maybe the mods will decide to move it.



I thought I *had* put it in off topic, must have been having a moment

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They were pals.




And they were us.


Cushing collected and painted and played with army men, and Lee loved fantasy - especially Tolkien. Vincent Price was a patron of the arts and of arts & crafts.

There was no word for "nerd" when they did it.


I love those guys.

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Such a really amazing actor. In the many years after I finally figured out who he was I still find myself re-watching a movie I haven't seen in a long time and going, "Holy cats! That's Christopher Lee."


Now I want to go back and watch the Dracula movies. Who wants to come binge watch them with me?

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 Damn... I came on here to post about Dusty Rhodes passing away and found this... I'm officially writing this day off as a day from hell and refusing to acknowledge it's existence.


 I want to be half of Christopher Lee when I grow up. People like him make me look back on my life and wonder just what the hell I've been doing with it all these years.


 Here's to a legendary life lived by a legendary man.

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