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I was totally impressed by the Impudent Mortal Kickstarter, but seeing as the buildings on offer didn't appeal as much as older stock they had I ordered directly (and boy was it FAST).
Because I wanted to get an idea of what I was doing before I tried building my fancy new things, I took advantage of a FLGS gift card to buy a Knight Models SWAT truck for the Batman game.


Here are some product pics behind the spoiler




Church [Lvl 2 gothic building]



Warehouse [Lvl 2 Brick Building]







The truck/van is mostly done except for touch-ups and sealing... but I'll still be posting process pics that I took along the way. I mistakenly thought it would be faster than a miniature (and I guess it was at my current pace)... but not really.
The other ones I'll be posting as I go (I'm planning on using fancy Japanese paper offcuts as wallpaper, so it'll probably be slow).

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I'm curious how it'll turn out myself.


Here were the instructions for the van... basically non-existent.




The rest of what I had to work with to start is behind the spoiler





Here's a terrible picture of most of the pieces after I removed them from the sprue.



First you punch out the doors, then you cut out the "gears" then you cut out the hole for the axle. This took a lot of time to clean the bits enough to fit over the connecting parts on the "undercarriage"

The connections near the window and the doors on each side piece were very weak and broke at some point. I had to glue them back into place before assembly because things wouldn't stay in place. I don't have any photos showing that, but it was a lot harder than it needed to be.



You have to cut out all the tires. Those centre rings aren't there for anything. This took forever. I switched knives at one point (didn't have spare blades handy to see if that was the problem).



Because things weren't very well cut out, I had a few mishaps like this with one tire.



And that's all for today... a quick test assembly


Still to come....

more pictures


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Yup, looks pretty similar to a lot of the mdf terrain instructions that I have seen out there lex.


Very unfortunate about the tires and side connections breaking.


The price you pay for all that fiddly detail I guess... :down:

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The side connectors are fine unless you look closely it's bad design to make structurally important bits so weak.

Also it was only one tire and after painting it's hardly visible.


Thankfully I'm only painting to tabletop :D

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Now for the totally unnecessary photo process pics...



I primed the outside gray



and the inside is a cream over white. I discovered later that this was an enamel, but I had no problems painting over it with the acrylic of the same colour/brand later on.



I then painted the first coat of acrylic craft paint. the darkest blue I could find.



And then I tried a variation of Corporea Black using craft paint, but the proportions (obviously) don't work the same as Reaper. I found a workable version by at about 3 blue:2 brown: 1 black.



And finally some of the fiddly bits that I haven't shown yet.





But if you want to skip ahead, here's the test assemblies behind the








This is only one of the planned uses





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We're almost caught up...

I don't have any pics with the final paint job yet.




More painting



And this is about as dark as it gets



Whoa... glue!







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Last pics before show-off.



So here's the shredded tire... pretty hard to tell, really.


post-12970-0-16260600-1434834988.jpg post-12970-0-10000500-1434834990.jpg


And the various parts...

doors                                                      and roof

post-12970-0-68764800-1434836247.jpg post-12970-0-18986500-1434836250.jpg

I decided not to glue in the doors, because it makes it less accessible to moving minis, and they don't really fit well. If only something like liquid velcro worked, I'd totally use that.


front                                                       and back

post-12970-0-34754600-1434836241.jpg post-12970-0-95328600-1434836235.jpg


top                                                         and bottom

post-12970-0-17988700-1434836252.jpg post-12970-0-66504900-1434836238.jpg

I was originally planning on painting pipes and stuff for the undercarriage but I decided to wrap things up quickly


This is what this looks like with the white paint on the stripe and crest




This is probably how I'll be using it




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Which should I do next? See the first post for options.


I should mention final show off pics of the van will be a while... I will have to set up the photo station and do a bunch. I also have something special planned for photos as well.

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Nice build and paint on the swat van.


I can only assume that the church and warehouse are full models and the pics just show partially assembled products.


Go with the church, not very many of those floating around out in the wild that I have seen.

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They are full buildings. There are more pics on the impudent mortal website under 28mm buildings which I didn't link to for the commerce policy.

The recommendation is to glue all except for one side of the building and one roof piece to have it accessible.

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I'm going to do a dry-fit of the church at some point soon for Frost Grave, but I'm not there yet.

Nice! I just got one of their steampunk buildings, more for Malifaux and general use. I'd love to see more pics of the church done up as well

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      As Halloween approaches the dollar stores are filling up with cheap decorations and spooky bricabrac. Amid all the potential projects a certain reflective skull caught my eye. Not knowing if it would take paint or not I decided to roll the dice on a few. I attached them to some bases, added a bit of sand, and the next day I took them out to prime. 

      They ended up taking primer just fine, though I guess I shouldn't be surprised with the primer I use. Unfortunately I forgot to snap a picture of their grey primed goodness. 
      Next up were the basecoats of the skull and "dirt".

      I didn't get great or even smooth coverage on the skulls, but it was good enough as I was just going to add a heavy wash anyway.

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