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General Lee Model - I'm Guessing 1/28 Scale?

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Waylon Jennings


"Theme From The Dukes Of Hazzard (Good Ol' Boys)"


Just'a good ol' boys

Never meanin' no harm.

Beats all you never saw

Been in trouble with the law

Since the day they was born


Staightnin' the curves

Flatnin the hills

Someday the mountain might get 'em

But the law never will


Makin' their way

The only way they know how

That's just a little bit more

Than the law will allow.


Makin' their way

The only way they know how

That's just a little bit more

Than the law will allow.


I'm a good ol' boy

You know my momma loves me

But she don't understand

They keep a showin my hands and not my face on TV





Yeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaawwww!

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 Yup - that board touching the roof of the car on the middle of the passenger side is attached to the tree branch, and the branch itself is touching the roof of the car. There's a better than average chance that tree has a wire frame inside it which goes right into the car at either one or both of those points.

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 It took me about six hours of staring at that thing to figure out how the car was attached to it.


Alright, I've been looking, explain mad jack. I don't have 6 hours. Lol


looks to me, it's attached to the tree where the branch meets the roof on the passanger side

I read the thread, as it was asked by other posters on that site.


First answer from the author: Momentum! They were going pretty fast after all.


Second more serious answer from the author: There's a metal pin driven through the tree branch and hidden by the foliage. The car just hangs on the pin and can be removed at will.


There's a WIP on the third page that shows it.

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Was also wondering when you'd come in and comment on this cool diorama, Buglips.


I saw this thread within a minute of it posting, and only just realized I hadn't actually posted my reply.  DDS2 ate all of my brain.



DDS2 is a Mind Flayer!?!?  ::o:

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