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GLITTERWOLF Paints Tuma Windrider Legendarion Bust

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Go Wolf Go!

See Wolf Go,

Go, Go , GO!




Lords of Lead! I sound like Ub3r! :blink:

I have that effect on people ::D:
Is there a vaccine I can get? ??


Incurable, just like enablitius!

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Solid update... leather can be very tricky indeed.  I tend to use RMS Mohogany brown, Chestnut brown, and rust brown for the reddish leathers, then some various brown washes but I am still not sold as to how my leathers come out.

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Thx all for the advice and kind words.


*** Ducks to avoid some rotten eggs***


I have the day off, my girlfriend is visiting her sister now, and the mini versions of her are at school.

So I confiscated the garden.


Hope to be back soon with painted mini...






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Paints used :


Reaper:  Yellowed Bone / Golden Shadow / Cloudy Grey / Walnut Brown / Leather White.


Vallejo : Vomit / Sepia Ink


Scale 75 : Innsmouth Blue / Emerald Alchemy / Sol Yellow / Blood Red / Flat Black / Purity White / Dwarven Gold.


And a mix of Scale 75 Indian Shadow and Reaper Spectral White.


He is now in SHOW OFF:


Thx for the support all. Hope you like him:



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    • By knarthex
      So as hinted in my US Armored Company thread, here's the beginning of @Glitterwolf's Dragoons!
      Some work on the Dutch tonight, PTRLs and C&Vs Had a problem with the wash I put on them last night, so had to re do the base coat. Tried a different wash, seen on one of the C&Vs, so need to try something else... Thanks for looking! SGT G   link to my US force

    • By Rahz
      Finished up another 3d printed bust.  I have really been enjoying the different scale and different subject matter (I don't think I've ever painted an orc before). 
      Not 100% happy with the hair, but the strands are not as thin as I would have liked.  Picture is a little washed out but I have having issues of not enough light or too much.  And yes his left eye is milky on purpose and the whole reason I painted this piece. 

      Thanks for looking. 
      EDIT: and of course, now looking at the picture on my computer screen I can see that the wound on his face goes through his bottom lip too, and I missed it..    At well... 
    • By Dan S
      Apologies that this one isn't Reaper, but I am super stoked with how it turned out and really wanted to share.
      I recently started experimenting with glazing, an old and popular technique I have been aware of for years but had never really given much thought to or attempted.  It was like unlocking an ancient magic, I cant believe the difference such a subtle technique has made to my miniatures.  After achieving some promising results on a batch of halflings I recently painted, I decided to experiment some more on a slightly larger model, a 3D printed bust I'd picked up on Ebay (I believe it is by a company called Tytantroll Miniatures).  
      Anyway I just wanted to share.  Glazing has been a revelation to me, and it just goes to show that it sometimes pays to step away from your comfort zone and try new things.

    • By outsiderminiatures
      Quick paint job on this fun little bust! 
      Painted entirely with Pro Acryl paints from Monument Hobbies

    • By BardicDave
      My goal here was to push myself to go as fast as possible. Start to finish it took approx. 2.5 hours, which is definitely a record for me. Contrary to my usual practice, I painted the integral base; when I do get around to doing a proper base, I will likely integrate it into the display. C&C welcome.


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