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Pirate Sophie

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Thanks. I wanted to use a warmer palette for her, so I chose the brown and rust (though it's looking a little pink in the photo) and the green just naturally harmonized with that. 

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The overall effect is wonderful.  I think I might have that model someplace, can't wait to try my hand at her someday and I'll be trilled if mine is even a fraction as nice as yours. 

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    • By Guildenstern
      Just got this guy prepped & primed and started basecoating. (Spoilered for my exchange partner.)

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      This past week I painted up the Imrijka, Iconic Inquisitor, figure from the Bones II Pathfinder Heroes set.   I believe this figure is supposed to represent a half-orc character, but I chose to paint it up as a half-elf female instead.  So, the first thing I did was very carefully try to slice off the fangs. What I couldn't get off with a hobby knife due to the cramped area under her hat, I hoped to disguise with paint.
       There was something about her outfit that read Old West Cowboy to me; so I decided I would go with that kind of earth-tone palette for this figure.  And her coat and hat made her seem a good candidate for Frostgrave basing. 
        I'm really happy with how this figure turned out.  I think the "Western" look came across well; and I'm particularly pleased with how her face turned out.  I have to say with me faces are a good deal of luck rather than skill.  I'm not good at painting those tiny details, but sometimes, like with this figure, my squinting stabs with paint turn out to be in just the right places. :)



      For the complete, step-by-step painting article, please see my blog:  Imrijka
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      For the  full step by step painting article, please see my blog: Arrius, Skeletal Warrior
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      For those that don't do Facebook. From Reapers FB page:

      Sculpted by Bob Ridolfi based on art by Izzy "Talin" Collier and available at ReaperCon in October.
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      This week I painted up the Mystic Theurge figure from the Bones 2 Pathfinder Heroes Set.  My plan is to use him as a Soothsayer type wizard's apprentice for Frostgrave.


      Full painting step-by-step on my blog:
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