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Instant Dungeon Tactical

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Ow, my eyes hurt.


C's first rule of new technology: The first use of a new technology will be to mimic an existing one.

C's first mistake of new technology: The first mistake of a new technology will be to mimic an existing one.


My first reaction was that they should have made these tiles more compatible with Dwarven Forge and Hirst Arts tiles. Effectively, they're asking you to use a different system than other 3D tile companies.. However, all they're supplying are walls and stuff that's already made by these other companies.


What they should do is make DF/HA-compatible sections that *cannot* be made with non-magnetic parts. Frex, they could offer individual wall sections that you could affix torches, levers, etc. to. Or a magnetic snap-together village set, such a tavern bar with food and drink pieces that stick to it. Maybe a lake terrain piece where the lake parts won't slide off the ground sections. Basically, terrain stuff we don't already have.

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So, it's now the subject of a copyright dispute. Interesting. Not much I can find on it other than an Indiegogo that went nowhere in early 2014, and that seems to have been the same people.

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Interesting. After all, they were on Indigogo more than a year ago and I think they were selling the Dungeon package (which has now been "improved" and two more packages added to choose from) ... I don't know ... is it too close to Dwarven Forge pieces?


Edit: no, you can actually read what the problem is:


Date: Jun 14, 2015


Sent via online form

Kickstarter, Inc.
58 Kent Street
Brooklyn, NY 11222

Re: Instant Dungeon Tactical

Description of copyrighted material: Intant Dungeon - Vorpalia, Addons and especial pieces. Skull wall, Dwarves wall, Mystic circle, runic portal, door of the abyss, Little library and medium library. Original registered material: https://www.safecreative.org/myworks

Description of infringing material: Sculpted walls with Dungeon thematic for miniature gaming. I am the sculptor of most of the material show on the project and the only copyrights owner. I didn´t give permission to this project for copying this material 

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I dunno. If these guys tried to steal another artists sculpts during their Indigogo campaign I won't be sending them money for this. The project looks half baked anyway. Like a mishmash of existing game components forced together with magnets to make an odd, unappealing, collage. I'll wait for Stones Dungeon Tiles to ship.

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