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If I can get some better photos, I might be tempted to open up a separate thread for The Eye in the Wall, but, until that unlikely event, here it is in all it's poorly photograhed glory:















There you go.

One of the benefits of doing not-necessarily-for-cash stuff for friends beyond being enjoyable in itself is all sorts of ideas start churning through the mind for new thigies to make & paint. This means YET MORE horrors to unfict upon you, my Fellow Forumites. Consider yourselves warned...also consider leaving a comment.

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Wow, super creepy, yet cool!


Thanks, Citrine! Your description for some reason or other brought to mind Andy Warhol. That aside, I'm glad you like him/her/whatever.


Lovely and delicious stuff malefactus!


Thanks, Willen. I have someone over on Lead Adventure Forum who wonders how theyd be in a pizza...it might make an interesting vignette if a somewhat awful meal.


Awesome as always sir.


My daughter actually said it was cute yet slightly disturbing so I am pretty sure you are doing it right.


Thanks, chaoshead, AND thank your daughter for moi. Young Folk have a fresh perspective on things & ideas that must be listen to...seeing the World with newer eye is a plus.


That eye-in-the wall would fit right in among the horrors of Lovecraft. :D So very cool. 


Thanks, Jaws. The eye in the wall used to be a regular feature of my cartoons/caricatures. Since it's unexpected, it's disturbing; my stuff also tends toward the silly, which works surprisingly well with "disturbing".

Lovecraft's style may be a bit convoluted at times, but he sure can scare the bejeezus out of moi if read late at night...the comparison is appreciated.

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As always, your work brightens my day.  The character of the mushrooms is just great.  The eye in the wall piece is very eldritch and very well done.  I always look forward to seeing your next piece.  Keep them coming!


Thanks again for sharing your work with us!

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As always, your work brightens my day.  The character of the mushrooms is just great.  The eye in the wall piece is very eldritch and very well done.  I always look forward to seeing your next piece.  Keep them coming!

That was what I was trying for...it's great when a plan works out. I'll do my best to keep posting entertaining things.


Thanks again for sharing your work with us!

You are very welcome. Thank you for taking the time to comment. It is appreciated, motivating, morale boosting, & encorages moi to do the same with other Folk's creations.

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Your stuff is fantastic and fantastical. Well done with your imaginative creations ;)


Thanks for the kind reply, Limey; it is most welcome.  I've got a couple of things in the works that will hopefully keep your interest going...hopefully.

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