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Recommended airbrush cleaner?


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I don't recommend using a cleaning tool with a metal wire in becaus3e you have a chance of scoring the soft brass internals of the airbrush. Scoring creates places to grab paint and can make cleaning more challenging. 


As far as cleaner goes, I use tap water and spray until the color i used doesn't show up in the spray. then maybe some windex or ipa and then another flush with water. I do this for color changes and then when I put it down for the day I run hot water from the tap through it. Its much easier to clean when the paint is still wet. If you ever get paint caked in your airbrush then you use an ultrasonic cleaner or soak your nozzle and needle in your cleaner of choice. Most experts advise against soaking the body of your airbrush because its got sensitive seals and lubricant that the cleaner might take away. 


oh and buy an iwata, i have no association with that company but their needles and nozzles are the hardest wearing of all the airbrushes I own. Badger has strong needles and soft nozzles and harder steenbeck has soft needles and nozzles. I would not recommend them unless you just love german engineering.

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I found these two videos to be really helpful.







The first one is an a great talk Ken Schlotfeldt from badger airbrush.  He covers the types of airbrushes and their use.  He even covers cleaning and needle juice at the end of the video.  He only uses water BTW. 


The second one is a interview with Ken which covers some of the same topics as well as some new ones.  After listing to both of these I have switched to water for cleaning and thining and haven't had any problems.  Just my two cents worth.




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I invested in a decent airbrush cleaning kit (brushes, reamers, etc.) which I use in conjunction with either water or rubbing alcohol.  I've tried a number of different airbrush formulated soaps, but I've found they don't improve on the method I currently use.  YMMV.


The Egg

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