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kitsune archer (14116 Caerwynn, conversion)


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So, when are we going to see her in the store?


Seconded.  That's be a great figure to have standalone in metal.


Thirded, it would be great to have a kitsune and matching human figure.


Is it possible?


Oh, Derek, great work, love it. Wish I had your talent

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Thanks for your interest and encouragement!

The conversion sticks out in too many odd ways, so it just wouldn't be reproducible in metal without being split into a few pieces.  This figure will be unique.


So... here we go!

I'll be working on the fox-form figure first, because I already have that elf/human form available for use in my games.


I primed the figure with white brush-on primer (Reaper Master Series).  I noticed some specks of grit or other unevenness, so I shaved those off with a sharp hobby-knife blade.



Since I almost always paint figures inside-to-outside, I painted the fox parts first. 

Several years ago, I painted another fox figure and took notes on the colors that I used, so I used those colors.

This took about an hour.




I had at my desk some reference photos of foxes, and all of them have dark-tipped tails, but a web-search shows me other foxes whose tails have lighter (gray/beige) or white tips.  I'll decide about this figure's tail after I paint some of the other areas.



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