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kitsune archer (14116 Caerwynn, conversion)

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Really cool. That is some serious dedication to the idea of having a mini that exactly represents your character.

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So, when are we going to see her in the store?


Seconded.  That's be a great figure to have standalone in metal.

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So, when are we going to see her in the store?


Seconded.  That's be a great figure to have standalone in metal.


Thirded, it would be great to have a kitsune and matching human figure.


Is it possible?


Oh, Derek, great work, love it. Wish I had your talent

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Oh man. To have a mini for both... that's a great idea, and your sculpting is top notch! Can't wait to see them painted. 

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Thanks for your interest and encouragement!

The conversion sticks out in too many odd ways, so it just wouldn't be reproducible in metal without being split into a few pieces.  This figure will be unique.


So... here we go!

I'll be working on the fox-form figure first, because I already have that elf/human form available for use in my games.


I primed the figure with white brush-on primer (Reaper Master Series).  I noticed some specks of grit or other unevenness, so I shaved those off with a sharp hobby-knife blade.



Since I almost always paint figures inside-to-outside, I painted the fox parts first. 

Several years ago, I painted another fox figure and took notes on the colors that I used, so I used those colors.

This took about an hour.




I had at my desk some reference photos of foxes, and all of them have dark-tipped tails, but a web-search shows me other foxes whose tails have lighter (gray/beige) or white tips.  I'll decide about this figure's tail after I paint some of the other areas.



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    • By lazarp
      So this is the first time I tried painting freehand on the shield  This is the end result of the conversion: 

      And for the conversion part, I didn't like neither this minis pose, nor its weapon choice (pickaxe really???), nor its commie looking (???) sigil on the shield. So I removed the weapon and sanded the shield. I also think that his pose looks a lot more natural as a spear throw than a pickaxe swing.. Also gave him some simple terrain and a quick paint  Thanks for looking!

    • By lazarp
      Gave this model a different arm and hand pose, sculpted a wooden stick and used a resin bit from avatars of war necromancer for the spear head. This was a speedpaint that took probably around an hour. Thanks for looking!


      The original model:

    • By Metalchaos
      Hi everyone, I recently had the pleasure of realizing that I inadvertently bought the same Gnoll model twice. So, I decided to convert two of them to create a little variety in my hunting party. Read the text under each picture to have more detail. This post was purposely written as a guide for any who would like to try their hands at converting Reaper Bones model or any other models.
      I used two 77236 Bloodmane the Gnoll Warrior sculpted by Tre Manor, 77235 Toghra the Gnoll Leader sculpted by Jason Wiebe and 14056 Weapon Pack 1 sculpted by Tim Kaufman.

      I first separated the dagger handle from the body. Just a simple notch did the trick.

      I then cut the trunk along the belt.

      Again, on the other side of the model, I cut the body following the belt as a guide.

      I have this hollow feeling in my stomach...

      Same thing for Toghra, cut the body along the belt line.

      I drilled a hole in Toghra’s lower section and cut a small nail to pin the two parts together.

      I drilled a hole in Bloodmane’s upper body section and tested the pin in.

      I glued the pin in the leg part. I’m using Gorilla Super Glue.

      I then removed the handaxe cutting the handle just above the fist. I keep it for later use.

      The tricky part is to drill a hole in straight line through the fist. I had to use a small drill bit, smaller than the new weapon handle not to tear the plastic.

      I used a slightly bigger drill bit to get the hole a little larger.

      After cleaning the mold line on the new weapon, I cut the handle in halves in order to keep the pommel intact.

      I had to use a file to reduce the diameter of the handle.

      Also, I removed two spikes from the shield to alter its aspect from the one the other Gnoll Worrior is wearing.

      Finally, I’m using a piece of wooden stick to adjust the posture of the model on its base.

      I often use this simple trick to level my models. I use super glue to fix the parts together.

      I’m using 40mm round base for the Gnoll. These models are large and even if there in game space size is 25mm, I personally prefer larger base to have more room for decoration.

      That’s it, I’ll need to fill the gap above the belt and along the shoulder.

      I’ll also be using Greenstuff to fill the gap and complete the base before cleaning everything with soft soap and water prior to painting.

      I added some notches on the cutting edge of the original Gnoll’s plastic axe. I’ll be using it as a battlefield wreck weapon to decorate the base.

    • By Metalchaos
      02757, Gastaroth the Vampire sculpted by Werner Klocke riding a 02739, Dire Bat sculpted by Jason Wiebe.
      I changed the blades of his two swords for new ones from the 02455, Weapons Pack IV, by Werner Klocke.




    • By SGHawkins09
      Not sure if this belongs here or under conversions but since I need help/feedback on the sculpting, I figured here was better. 
      I am adding puffy sleeves to a figure and I am very much a novice when it comes to sculpting. I have been working on one and while it looks good to me, I need a second opinion. What do you guys think?

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