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Tiniest paints a Lion Man: Tuma Windrunner

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Adding to the Pride. This fella, I love this fella.

Here he is in all his primed glory. Priming him took over an hour, may have been two. Idk, lost track of Time.



Reference photos

chose this one



His shield will be painted like giraffe pelt



Pretty beads



If I go insane trying to paint this dude...I blame Ub3r.

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He really is a great bust, I'd love to pick him up some day. I'm looking forward to your updates!

Also, I blame Uber for everything, life's just easier that way.



That it does :-)



That is seriously cool.

I can't wait to see where you take it!

Thanks. They have awesome busts and their reasonable. Which is nice.


Welcome to the pride!


I'm so glad I used an airbrush to prime and basecoat. Only took about 5min.

Thanks, I'm excited. Yep,I was definitely wishing for airbrush during this. Mainly cause I'm hoping I managed to get primer everywhere.
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Woot! Such an absolutely gorgeous sculpt. I'm sure all of you will do wonderful jobs with your versions.


For me, I'm going to join the pride at some point, but with a smaller lion-man warrior I recently acquired that measures around 40-45mm. I may also have to pick up this bust at some point in the future as he's really growing on me after seeing so many of you pick him up!


Anyhow, I'm proud to take any blame for the pride forming here with my enabling of everyone.  ::P:  ::D:

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MmmK. Tuma's fur has been base coated in ginger cookie, a light wash of dark skin, then I went back with a side brushing of ginger cookie. His eyes are lined with dark skin with a touch of brown liner. That concoction also went on his nose and mouth. Burgundy wine was used on his nose. Thought, suggestions always welcomed. Thanks for looking


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