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Tiniest paints a Lion Man: Tuma Windrunner

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Good deal! I'm eager to see what you do with that Blue sash!



Thanks! Soon [tm]

I hate that I wasn't able to check on this thread more often due to work/life stuff, but love that I got to see all the updates all at once!  Man, he's really looking wonderful!

Awe that's so sweet of you. I'm happy your enjoying it.
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Tinest, looking good.

:-D Thank You



Everytime I think I'm about finished, I notice something I still need to do and am all, nope not even close. Ima start a list of things to do. I like lists, I like marking things off lists, makes me feel like I'm getting somewhere.


To do Tuma: ears, hair, beading in hair, ribbon in hair, necklace, rope around neck, shade and highlight sash, tusks, highlight scarification, buckles, scars


To do shield: everything.

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Small update. The sash. Went with 1 part sapphire 1 part night sky. Couldn't decide so I mixed them. I'll probably pop back up to his hair next. thanks for looking. C&C welcome.



Pfff I need to work on mine...


You are showing fantastic progress. How did you do the ropes?

I still struggle with the colours for them.


He looks awesome.

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