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Have they changed a mini in the Bones LtPK?


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Hi all. I just got my Bones Learn to Paint Kit, and am eager to get started. I had a question, though. Instead of the mini for #77148 Mangu Timur, mine came with the one that I have attached a picture of. It's similar, but there are a lot more little details on it (in other words, I probably won't be attempting this one until I get some experience under my belt). The orc and skeleton are the same, so I was just curious if anyone knows if they've swapped this one to a different mini, or if I just got an oddball. Thanks!


Also, I wasn't sure whether to post this here, or in the Bones forum, so if it needs to be moved, please do so.




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Good to know. I actually like this one more, it seems like there's some more ability to do some customization on it. I think some of those smaller details might have to wait until I get some practice in, though.  ::):


Thanks for the reply!

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I'm painting this one currently (I too got the LTPK). I've restarted twice now being unhappy at how it has been coming out.


At this point I would just recommend finishing it even if you are unhappy with it. Painting is a learning process after all and sometimes you just have to finish it and let it be and move on to the next.

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I'd gotten that mini as part of one of the first two Bones Kickstarters, and rather enjoyed painting it, and it's a cool mini besides, congratulations :-)


It was one of the first minis I tried painting after being out of the mini-painting hobby for a couple decades.


It doesn't have to be difficult to paint - it's not a bad place to start if you're new to dry-brushing, thanks to the really deep and sharp details.


I regret I don't have a different view of the mini yet, but here's a picture showing a close-up of the sword I believe I swapped from another mini:






Seeing it in close-up, I regret not trimming the flash off the edges - I'm re-learning this stuff as I go.


I "speed-painted" it, and it took about an hour while distracted, watching something on TV. 


I'm pretty sure a new painter, with better eyes, less shaky hands, and a better attention to detail could do better in the same amount of time... and could do MUCH better by taking his/her time.


I think the hardest part for me to paint was the shield - I tried getting fancy with that, and was way out of practice.


If you're interested, I describe some how-to information on this and other minis I painted with similar techniques, including a step-by-step illustrated how-to for a dry-brushed, armored orc:  (link)


Welcome to miniature painting - good luck, and have fun! :-)

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