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A Holy Gnome and a Fightin' Gnome


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Yay! A comment! Thank you!


(I got surprisingly down in the dumps when this dropped off the front page without a reply.)

My pleasure...I was shocked that no one commented before moi. You must have left them speechless.

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as a person that loves communication I make it a point that when I click on like,

I say why I am liking this.  You will never see me like something without a comment.

Painting miniatures is a very solitary event, having some positive feedback enriches our experience,

and reinforces the soul.  We're pushing our envelope, and gentle touch makes us feel it was worth the effort.

Great job on this.


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Thanks for the comments everyone!



Love them!


But what do you consider a dirty blonde? Because I use golden, tan, brown colors for my low lights... were you going for a more platinum blonde?


Though it could use a little more contrast, I don't really see anything wrong with her hair as it is.


Yeah, I was trying to do a shiny platinum blonde but couldn't work out how to shade it.

I usually shade blonde hair with a light brown, but then the brown tends to dominate.

Steampunk Alice is a good example of how my blondes usually ends up:-




I'll figure it out one day.


Very charming. Well done!

I try to make a point of commenting on everyone's show offs (if I can keep up with the posts) I so appreciate it when people do the same for mine. :-)


Tried doing that, think I lasted a couple of days! Completely frazzled my already poor communication skills.

But it made me even more appreciative of anyone offering a word (or sentence) of encouragement.

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