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My first conversion. Bones lioness + Rogan = catfolk ranger

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One of my pics in my new Rise of the Runelords campaign wanted to play a catfolk male. I couldn't find a match, so I'm making one. This is my first real attempt to mash together some bones.


The victims: post-8340-0-79295600-1434927531_thumb.jpg


The result:post-8340-0-08923000-1434927553_thumb.jpgpost-8340-0-60101800-1434927564_thumb.jpg


What I'm bringing to the table: post-8340-0-48779500-1434927575_thumb.jpg


And we're off to the painting table:post-8340-0-78466300-1434927619_thumb.jpgpost-8340-0-46732600-1434927640_thumb.jpg

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Nice start!   Are you playing both human+cat head as well as Cat + human head?    Possibly a were cat stuck mid transformation?


Or stick the human head on the cat body and call it a sphinx.  Maybe use some putty to turn that lump around the neck join into a collar/choker/amulet.  Maybe the hood could be turned into a headdress.  Maybe add wings if you've got some spares.  The half-orcish look to the face might actually kind of work, by making the face a little more bestial.

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