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Osugambit paints Cthulhu (very slowly)

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Ok. So I'm going to start another WIP thread/painting diary. This time I'm going to start work on Cthulhu from the first Bones campaign. I will likely have things come up that I may have to stop and start but I will come back here when work resumes.


I still haven't finished the eyes from my bush (doh).


Today I started trying to get some of the basecoating done. As I started I realized that I had done a poor job with a couple mold lines and filling the gap between body and tail. So a lot of the work today was done trying to smooth this out without taking out the scalpel. And for that I used some of both liquid green stuff and reaper brush on sealant. It has helped a lot but I may still have to go over once or twice more.


So here is a very early and raw WIP. Not even done basecoating.


Also Cthulhu is so big I can't take a full pic in the photo box I have here so most Of the pics will likely be close ups of different areas this time.


Thanks for looking and comments and criticisms are always welcome!


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One step forward, two steps back...


So I was working on the wings and was really liking the progress.  At first my plan for the big guy was just kind high tabletop standard.  but I was getting so much done today and having a good time doing it so I decided I might end up pushing it as far as I can and try to make a display piece eventually.  However, I didn't put a ton of time into prepping him, and therefore there were several pretty bad mold lines left from prep.  So I decided to go ahead and clean those up.  so here is a little work on the wings, and several steps back removing the mold lines.  


Edit - crap forgot to rotate the pics,  fixed now



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