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Man, fast progress.


You could paint the stones in a different color, or with patterns like a mosaic, or add some moss or sand to camouflage the sameness.


For the next project, I would consider floor stones like cobblestones that are more rounded and less interlocking. (I'm no expert, but what I've seen of European Medieval cities suggests they reserved dressed stone for walls and loose stone for roads).


Or, the other extreme would be cut pavers with interlocking patterns, or bricks like this project but with a smaller size than the wall bricks.


Finally, you could choose a packed earth floor.

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More updates. Base is mostly done, save a few additional flocking and grass details. I think I am pretty happy with the colors on the base. I used some moss-flocking to cover up some troublesome areas. I think it all worked out well. Now to finish up the figures and put it all together!



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The dwarves are finally painted. Still a bit glossy and needing a matte coat. I went with a different method with these by doing them in greyscale and then building up glazes on them to make the colours. I am pretty happy with how they turned out. More colourful than most of my minis.




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All of this is just mind blowing. And i dont see a problem with your wall and floor bricks. A lot of medival castle were built with the same bricks for both. The floors could look more weathered by use since we dont walk on walls, the only other difference would be grass and weeds growing in the cracks.


What kind of foam did you use for the ruins? I have been wanting to do similar scenery but i dont know what to use to make that type of decor.

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