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Zombicide Season 1 Walker 1


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Beautiful work! I have yet to see any Zombicide miniatures 'in the flesh', so I'm kind of wondering if they are this nice or if it's your skill that raises them to this level. Are you painting in highlights and shadows that exist as detail in the sculpt (like the creases on the thin guys tank top), or are you creating these effects with your brushwork? How do you think these minis would look with just a base coat and a wash?


Seeing your paint job, I think this looks like an absolutely perfect zombie miniature but I honestly didn't think the minis were this high quality, so I'm curious! ::):


The mini's are good quality by board game standards.  However, as others have already said, the reason that walker looks great is due to Cash's skill.


If you want a more "realistic" view of the mini - here is how they look with just a basecoat (with unthinned paint too! The horror!   :zombie: ) and wash.



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