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Today, I'm going to try to get this guy painted up. I have the entire day/evening to do so and I need to get it done before Saturday so I can give it to one of my D&D buddies who is going to use it as a PC in another game (a small commission and I'm giving him a discount as a friend). He's requested it be a bit above tabletop with a weapon swap (so Tabletop+ is what I'm going for). I want to try to get it painted all up in 4-5 hours.


Name: Shoanti Barbarian

Manufacturer: Reaper Miniatures

SKU: 60115

Sculpted by: Gene Van Horne


I've already got him on his base, primed up, and weapon converted over from his big Earth Breaker to a big 2-handed Axe.


I already have about 30-45 minutes into him for the prepping, weapon swap, priming, and basing.


Images are pretty big, so I'm spoilering them.









I'm going to quickly prime the base and let it dry while I grab some lunch, then I'm going to get to work on him in ernest. 

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Right? Lunch has got to be over by now.



Idk, he is a barbarian and I have seen those guys EAT!



I do like to eat, raging is hungry business!




Anyhow, some progress, about 1 more hour of work on him as I took a little time out to take pics and answer a question about the Stonehaven Half-orcs.


I went over the white primer with a thinned brown liner to bring out more details, and then I've put on 2-3 coats of Chestnut Brown on his skin as a base coat. I'm going from dark to light here and wanted to keep the base and the figure with the same colors. I primed the base in black primer and then went over it with brown liner (unthinned). I'll go over the base with some dry-brushing of the Chestnut Brown next and start to lighten up the skin as I go as well. Next will be the eyes as I like to get them done early so that I can make any necessary corrections right away rather than wait until the end and have to re-do the face.




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A bit more, eyes 1-shot baby!


Whites: SC75 Birch

Base: Reaper Blue Liner

Lighter Blue: Reaper HD Dragon Blue

Catch-light: SC75 Birch




After looking at the above pic, I may try to hit the bottom right of that right eye with some more brown to lessen the off-white. He has TINY eyes.


Here's the base so far, I'm going to add more color to it and lighten up some spots, I think I'll make the bigger rocks grey though as I think it has too much brown in it, I'll also add in some vegetation.



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About another 1hr 15 mins and this is where he's at.


I keep fiddling with the skin and going lighter, my buddy wants "normal" tanned skin, not darkly tanned. 


I think I got it where it needs to be, though the pics are washed out a bit as he's darker in hand than this.


C&C Welcomed!





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(munch munch)   needs some color... (munch..  shakes bucket.. darn, need popcorn...)


cya later on the same bat channel  (22:45 need sleep..). 


Yep, I'm going to get the base done now and then move on up from there. Boots, kilt, belt/pouches, vest, shield weapon in his hand, then finish off the piece with the axe very last.

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Looks good!


That axe is screaming for a magical effect our maybe some gore.


I may do both, I'll contact my buddy and ask him if he wants something like that done or if he wants it just painted up as a normal axe.

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