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A wonderful friend gave me Smarty Sean; so I decided to paint him up.

He's been washed and glued to his base.

Next will be to prime, and brown line.

Have to true up his lance before the priming though !

He is part of a threesome group of brigands, that live in the forest !


Here are a couple of photo's before we are off to the races.

Oh, I attached a third photo showing the size of this  mini.

after I primed and washed him.

Yes, that's a US Quarter.





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Oh Yay! I love this guy, someday I'll get around to painting mine. I love tre's sculpts so much.

I am a big fan of Tre's Sculpts.

Love the challenge of these things.

They are tiny and chock full of surprises.

Hope I inspire you to get him painted !

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AH!  Another short challenege!   So Jay, is this brigrand going the camo route so he can sneak out of the woods or are you looking for the town bully style?

Think I am going to go subtle on this one.

Browns, chocolate browns, golden browns, some greens.

play with my color wheel a bit.


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This is the initial underlay coat that I have started.

I'm using Vellejo Cavalry brown, and some dark flesh, with a touch of

light on face.  I really enjoy this part of the mini-experience.

It is where I can play with color combo's, and get my brush control to keep the mini clean of

mistakes.  I don't like doing cleanups, and mopping up after myself.  I have found if you keep

mistakes, drips, and splatters at bay, the whole project works better !

(That's just how I try to do it, some people are really good at the chaos method also).


Here are some photos:





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