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Ships ahoy! And introducing my new photo rig.


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Greetings to you all,
Following the advice I got from here first I have constructed myself a brand new light box.




And procured some 5000K daylight bulbs as suggested, and here are the results:




The ships are from the board game Black Fleet from Space Cowboys.




After taking pictures I corrected the color levels using the GIMP tool and acquired these final images.




I did try some shading on the sails of the purple navy ship, but considering the fact that these are meant for tabletop purpose and I really did not want to spend so much time on them so I dropped the idea.




I am yet to find a suitable background but for now I'll make do with white...




As always c&c's are welcome and I hope the admins will delete my post in the Shutterbug section soon, since this topic was related more with photography I had initially tried to post it over there and found out sadly that I was unable to upload images in there. What's worse I couldn't even manage to delete that post... 

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