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Barros & Tempest WIP

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While I was painting my Barros & Tempest exchange mini I snapped a few pics to do a WIP with.  I may have been overenthusiastic to start and a little forgetful towards the end, but I think I captured the bulk of the process.  My plan is to post the images in bulk, so while it'll be broken up into a few posts I should have it all posted after lunch. I cropped and resized the images down to a height of 1000px to keep the filesize under control, but you can still see plenty of gory details once you open them in the image viewer.


To start, this is what Reaper sends you as part of the Borros & Tempest set.  There is a lot of metal here, almost half a pound.  Of course, you're not going to use it all so there will be some things left over for the bits box.  Looking at the boneyard, the spear is available separately but the shield comes with a body so you'll always have something extra.




And here's what I won't be using.  The bones goroloth (sp?) didn't come with a stand so I may re-purpose that at a later date.




The idea was to have Tempest leaping off of the side of a cliff.  Cork = rock so often that it was what I started with, only thinking about carving some scrap wood well after the fact.  Because I was worried about the heavy mini tearing the cork out I compromised and set it back from the edge a bit. 




After pushing the first nail through and getting an idea of where the mini would have to be in relation, I just eyeballed the second one.  Measuring is overrated.




And behold Borros and Tempest completely done it TMM!  Ok ok, so this was just making sure all my pins lined up.  I also used milliput slurry in a few places and built up an apparent missing chunk in the leg.  While I never took any pics, the underside of the mount was very rough and also had a hole where the stand would have attached.  This all got filled in, but between the hanging cloth and limited viewing angle it was basically all done in solid shadow colors.




And now for paint!  Orange and purple were the requested colors.  While I don't approve of orange, purple is a nice color.  I wasn't going to paint a purple horse though.




Some areas that would eventually become steel were undercoated in charcoal, as well as the eyes & hooves.




The gold was undercoated with ochre so I wouldn't have to worry about coverage issues with it either.




My new Scalecolor Wood & Leather set had recently arrived, and the saddle seemed as good a test subject as any.  So far I am liking its basic leather look, though I really haven't tried much of the wood or red leather yet.




I hadn't actually painted anything equine yet, so I didn't actually know where highlights and shadows go just by looking.  Instead I just used logicTM and followed along with the sculpted muscles.




And now I'm getting hungry, so that it all you get until after lunch.

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Man, I always love seeing WiPs, especially on something cool like this.   Ironically, I'm eating a very tasty lunch while reading this. :)

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And now on to part two!  The highlights that I had blocked out on Tempest were rough and overpowering, so the next step was to knock them down a bit.  These was done with glazes of base color until it looked a bit better.




Time to highlight the purple...




and to shade it.  I don't really have any notes to go by here, but it looks like I've also done some shading on the mane/tail/etc.  I didn't have a specific color in mind for the shadows, so I tried using some of the "wood" colors from the scale set that was sitting on my painting table.




Looks like I restored some of the white for highlights.




I use some more of the scalecolor leather set on the saddle and got the lady ready for painting.




The steel has now been basecoated with the darkest of my metallic colors.  Even though I pretty sure her thighs were supposed to be armored, I decided to give her some pants instead.  In part it helped to break up all that metal, and if we apply logic to our fantasy for a moment, her legs are blocked off by the mount's wings anyway.  If an attack goes through the wing and into her leg, free fall is probably the more immediate concern.




I went over the gunmetal with some chainmail in the highlights, but that's not something the photographs under a painting light.  You've probably noticed the mold line in the sword by now.  Really her raised arm had the worst mold lines of the entire cast, largely because it appears the two halves of the mold were slightly out of alignment.  It does get fixed eventually.




And finally some pure silver, which also doesn't photograph well.




Next up, the third and final installment.

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Now she has purple pants.  I added some battle damage to the saddle, but the scale black leather doesn't look dark enough to my eye. I had planned to come back with some actual black later, but ended up forgetting about it.




With the steel pretty well taken care of I move onto gold.  Aside from the areas I had laid down some ochre earlier, I decided to add some gold accents to her armor.  The reins also got a border of golden thread.




With the mount most of the way done I finally started on the rider's face.  So little skin, it makes me sad.  I'll have to work on a KD pinup or something later. ::D:




A little more work on the face and I decided to give her golden hair.  I mentioned in the show-off thread that you don't want to attach her shield until you are done with her face and hair.  I'm not really sure how the full assembly crowd get their brushes into such tight spots...




Of course, it's not just her face that's an issue.  You'd have to be able to get at the inside of the shield as well.  One thing I noticed with the shield is that this arm is a little bulky for her.   It's scaled to match the male rider, but it's close enough to still work.




With the shield finally on I grabbed some blue and got to work on the clouds.  This more or less finished the mini portion up, except for the wings.  I think this is actually a better shot of the rider than the one in the show-off thread.




And now we hit the point where I got bad with taking pics.  For the base there was a whole lot of do something and then let it dry/set.  Here are some rocks.  I also used some pumice gel to create some mounds on the surface.  The idea was to keep the base from looking completely flat.  Of course, the mini itself first got a protective layer just in case.




After painting the rocks I painted the ground.  Just in case I didn't get it all covered with grass there would be some dirt showing through.  After this though, I didn't take any more pics of the basing process.




For the last pic we have the wings before they were sealed.  The pins are handy for using a pin vise to hold the wings for painting.  Alas, there were some problems during shipping.




There you have it, a step by step on how to paint your very own flying mount.

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Great WIP!  and yes the picture of the rider is clearer here than in the Show Off thread.   Well Done.  ^_^:;):

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This is spectacular work !

How magnificent to see you create magic, on the figure and the horse.

Oh so fantastic..

Claps !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Great WIP!  and yes the picture of the rider is clearer here than in the Show Off thread.   Well Done.  ^_^:;):


I wonder if they'd take an Inspiration Gallery pic with a bunch of paint brushes sticking up in the background? ^_^

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Great WIP!  and yes the picture of the rider is clearer here than in the Show Off thread.   Well Done.  ^_^:;):


I wonder if they'd take an Inspiration Gallery pic with a bunch of paint brushes sticking up in the background? ^_^



I suspect they would... give it a try as you never know and have zero to loose!

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