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Tacky base coat, now what to do?

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I've sprayed a basecoat onto some bones miniatures and they are tacky to the touch and they've been drying for a couple weeks now.

What can I do now to salvage the minis?


Can I spray them with something else putting a new layer on?

I'm thinking about a spray varnish or matte coating, the type of thing I'd normally put on as the last step to protect my paint job.


I used "Model Master Custom spray Enamel" which is a nicer quality spray paint for models but it didn't work out today.

In fact I used 3 different colors on different bones models so its not that I had a bad can, the whole line seems to not work with Bones.


Any suggestions would be most appreciated

Thank you,



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The Bones material reacts very poorly to aerosol sprays. I finally broke down and went to testing everything everyone said might work, and it's mostly been a nightmare. My go-to Krylon's a no-go, Dupli-Color and Rust-Oleum remained tacky. The Army Painter primers went on and left no tackiness, but I absolutely could not get a finish that wasn't satiny, shiny. Didn't want to hold the paint. Granted, entirely possible that's entirely user error--everyone else is raving about the Army Painter. I've been putting my test minis into Simple Green to get off as much of the primer as I possibly can.


There are a lot of topics about priming Bones in the Painting advice or whatever forum. If you search for "Duplicolor recommended" as the keywords it should pull up a big post by Wren where there's a mini-list of the spray primers that have and haven't worked for people. Along with a lot of other options for priming them. An airbrush to prime with the Reaper liners in my next try, as I like it as brush-on. But airbrushing of course requires an airbrush, and all.


I've put the Dullcote on Bones minis that were fully painted and tacky simply from the paint; it definitely did a great job of killing the tackiness. Never tried it right on top of primer or painting on it, but there's talk of that to be seen in the advice forum, too.

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I don't prime my Bones.  I just wash them good with Dawn dish soap to get any mold release off of them.  Then give them a base coat and let that thoroughly dry before I start highlighting and shading.  I then give them two coats of Liquitex matte varnish brush on to seal everything down and protect the paint.  I've been using these miniatures for months now in RPGs and miniature games with no sign of paint chipping of flaking.

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I have had luck spraying with Testors Dull Coat to remove tackiness. You should try it on one mini fist thought, to make sure it works for you.


+1.  I recently fixed up some (48 goblin) minis with a tacky top coat by re-spraying with Dullcote.  It worked perfectly.


The Egg

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Thank you all for the advice.

What I did was experiment on 2 minis.  First I'll report the failure.  I used Minwax fast-drying polyurethane clear gloss and that too became tacky.  It was not a shinny tacky.  It was out in the sun all day and I waited over night, so I'm sure the tackiness was from a chemical reaction and not a drying time thing.


Second the success.  I used Armory Clear Matte Sealer and that did the trick.  I did have to spray it for 2 coats and any spot that was missed the first time was still tacky.  i"m talking about any little knock and cranny.


I have now, just seconds ago, sprayed the successful Armory clear matte sealer over all the minis including the failure.  I'll check on them this afternoon.

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I've had limited success by placing them on a fan so there is air constantly moving over them.  I let them set for about 24hrs that way and it seems to sometimes do the trick.  


If you decide to strip them you can use Simple Green (as someone suggested) or purple power also does the trick.


good luck!

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Just recently for a tacky model I sprayed Testor's Dullcoat & it took the tackiness of a Testor's spray job away. Heck even made a new basecoat for a Dupicolor primer & Tamiya Aluminum spray coats later on.

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