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Summer Exchange mini3 --> Frankenstein

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This is the third mini for my exchange partner.  It is the second monster of two and fit into the classic movie monster theme he requested.  It appears a bit glossy but this is after a gloss finish coat and two matt finish coats. He is meant to be a gaming mini and needed to be tough.  Hopefully I achieved that.


Jasonater -- this one is for you as he is a Tre Manor Sculpt :devil:


03249: Classic Horror: Frankenstein


post-12816-0-50266500-1435449060_thumb.jpg post-12816-0-98826700-1435449063_thumb.jpg


post-12816-0-42397000-1435449062_thumb.jpg post-12816-0-42364200-1435449058_thumb.jpg


Comments, Critiques, etc are all read and appreciated.

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I like your work on his pants. More shadows around his eyes might make them pop more. Also looks like the range of his skin tones is good from darkest to lightest just maybe try to make the color transition more gradual, do more mixed layers inbetween with the lightest tones being on a little less area. Keep up the great painting, love your color selections on him!

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    • By Rigel
      One of the first *modern* monsters, a creation of the Enlightenment and scientific progress, the progenitor of science fiction. The learned figure giving life to a man-made being of colossal strength and durability is not new-the Golem legend goes way back--but the Golem's terror is that it does what it is told to by fallible figures. (This foreshadows programming gone amok, but that's more Ada Lovelace than Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley.) The Monster is terrible because it does what it wants, and to an extent what it feels it *ought.*

      The created undying genius, the outraged superior being. The fear of being supplanted by our works, the fear that we *deserve* it. The fear we have been Bad Parents. The fear that the Enlightenment will tear us to bits, that we are the thesis to be superseded in the dialectic. The fear of the unintended consequences of modernity. The fear of the angry indestructible force that is *right* to be angry at us personally.

      I felt the apple tree was an appropriate bit of background dressing. Forbidden knowledge and all that. 
      The sculpt is amazing, in the Karloff/pop culture tradition. Hulking and flat-headed, lurching painfully, stitches vivid. I freehanded a few more seams and put some diversity into his reanimated components. "And I--I who was made from all men--do not I contain in myself the sufferings of all men?!" seems like the sort of thing the literary Monster would say. (He's very emo and *very* dramatic. This was one thing the "Penny Dreadful" show got right about the character.)

    • By Bathory
      Im super lazy about posting anywhere Instagram can’t cross post to lol.
      This is a bust I finished up last month, I’ve been playing with a more comic book inspired style. 
      Black heart models “micro” busts are only $20 and a great way to check out something larger scale. 

    • By Dr.Bedlam
      Here's to our old pal, Frankenstein! That is to say, the doctor of that name and his creation, both of whom debuted in Mary Shelley's famous novel... published January 1, 1818.

       "Look so good when two hundred YOU are, YOU shall NOT!"
    • By DHRDawg
      I had this idea to paint these guys up in grey. Wanted them to look like they stepped right off the celluloid.
        The vampire, mummy, Frankenstein's monster and wolfman are all Reaper minis. The Creature from the Black Lagoon is a Four A Miniature. The coffin I got from a pack of Halloween decorations from Michael's Craft Store.  
    • By Dai-Mongar
      Finished just in time for Halloween!

      This fella was painted in a similar manner to the Bones zombie I did earlier, drybrushing and inks/glazes for the most part. Adding a red glaze to the stitches was something of a last minute idea, but I like what it added to the figure.
      Also, more people should paint this guy up and post in the inspiration gallery. There's no pics of him! I got an extra set of golems in the KS, so I think I might convert the other one into some kind of sci-fi atomic monster, an atomic superman with an octagonal shaped body that sucks blood...
      Ahem. C&C welcome.
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