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Glenn's Endless Minis Thread

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Starting this new thread since it seems my pile of minis is really starting to pile up and I need to stay motivated to paint. So here we go!


I started working on my podcast character Desmond. Unfortunately my previous WIP pics were out of focus so he is pretty far along in the pics below. 




As I get some more progress I'll keep slinging some pics up here. Would love to get some C&C on what you all think.

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Thank you for everyone's C&C so far. I worked on Desmond a bit more but ended up not liking how the colors were looking so I have been trying to restore it closer to what I had. I did start work on another mini who will be a recurring villain for the podcast.


The sculpt was a bit funky with a mild line going staight down the middle of his face but since I'm going for tabletop quality I pressed on. Happy with him so far but what do you all think


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Thanks to everyone for the likes. Got a question though. I need a mini for a were-crocodile does anyone have any suggestions for a mini?

IIRC - look up the Privateer Press website. I believe they have a few.


thanks I'll check it out now

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Finally back again. Since I'm on vacation I wanted to tackle some of my larger miniatures so I started on Cinder. He is pretty far along. I intended to post more WIP pics but really couldn't until I started assembling him. 






As always C&C is welcomed and appreciated

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