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Perry Miniatures Medieval Cottage WIP

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This was one of several terrain pieces my husband gave me for my birthday earlier this month, a "Medieval Cottage 1300 - 1700" from Perry Miniatures.



This is the first hard plastic miniature I've ever put together, and I'd like to thank the other forumites who gave me advice on glues and things.


It came on several sprues, three I think it was, and went together pretty easily.  The doors open and shut.  There is also a small shed for animals or wood or something, and a lot of woven wicker fencing.


I didn't take any pictures of the assembly or priming, but at the moment it has been thinly primed with transparent white and washed for shadows with Burnt Umber.  A lot of the original grey plastic still shows through.







I am probably going to paint this very strangely.

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I'm back, with some nice aged wood color glazed on, mixed from Burnt Sienna and Ultramarine Blue.  I used a bluer mix in the shadows.  I also painted the interior, but I didn't take pictures of it (it's not modeled as an interior; I'm just kind of a completionist).







Then I mixed a gold from Yellow Oxide and Titanium White for the basic roof thatching.  I plan to paint the cottage a little more eccentrically but I wanted a solid foundation of color first.








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Looks great so far!

Have you considered thatching the roof with railroad field grass?

It's an interesting thought. The roof is pretty nicely modeled, though. And by training and background I am generally more inclined to try to make an effect with paint than with potentially fragile glued on bits. (This, of course, could easily be famous last words.)


I am planning on having some things growing on the roof and maybe some sort of painted decorations on the house.

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