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Grumpy Cave Bear

GCB Paints: 77183 Frost Wyrm

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I'm going to try to paint this guy over the next week:




It's going to be interesting, because I'll be painting something mostly blueish-white for the first time. It might be a challenge to keep pale colors without losing contrast or completely blowing out the highlights.


To start with, I primed it with a thin coat of FolkArt Multi-Surface Ocean Blue, followed by a base coat of MSP Blue Flame, with a little MSP Dragon Blue added to enhance the color. Then...


Well, I know I want it to be white and ice blue, with hint of blues and purples mixed in. After that, I dunno. Maybe metallic colors?


Time to steal, er, research color schemes!

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Watching this to see how GCB does with a limited pallet.   (steals some popcorn from ub3r as he watches another thread, and gets comfortable)

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Before I went any further, I wanted to try an experiment. I masked off the head and underbelly, then airbrushed Marine Teal and LED Blue to the back. Then on the individual scales, I painted up a 4:1 mix of Createx Airbrush Pearl White to Reaper Blue Ink. Here's the result:




Hmm... I may cut down the pearlescent shine by adding a more opaque color to it. (The picture is under direct light, though.)


Later, I'll probably push in darker blues and purples to emphasize shadows on this part. I want to see how this works out with the rest of the paint scheme I have planned. I'm concerned it gives more of a marine feel instead of an icy one.

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I love the pearl too, but I love pretty much anything shiny. It is looking awesome, I may have to steal this color scheme.

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This is a fun way to approach it.


I painted mine in eye-watering colors, then glazed translucent white all over it to make it look more subtle and frosty.

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Long evening with this guy, painting the underbelly. I edged the shadows with Heather Blue -- the darkest color on the model -- then tried to work a gradient on each scale from Game Color Electric Blue to MSP HD Blue Lightning. I also based all the areas I wanted white with Blue Lightning.


This is the first model that I've tried to paint in such a light color. Getting a color gradient that registers as white is tough, I learned. Slight differences in a light shade are very easy to spot. I had to rework the area several times until I liked it. It looks white under my daylight bulbs, but the camera still registers it as blue. I'm going to try touching up the edges with pure white, just to see what happens.


Next, the legs, then the head!

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Legs are pretty much done, and I took an early stab at the "beard".


I wanted to make the legs contrast with the snow, so I made them dark. A bit of research showed many people paint the legs a solid black. I didn't want to do that, so I made a gradient using Misty Gray, Heather Blue, Soft Blue, and Worn Navy, and shades in between. It took a lot more time than I wanted it to!


Over the weekend, I also picked up some extra-fine clear glitter in preparation for the basing. Don't fear; I have a plan!

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I love him! Did you use the airbrush solely, or just for your large swaths?

Just the base coat and the shading on the back. The rest is done with layering and blending by hand. I need the practice, but it takes a long time on a larger mini like this one.

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Productive day! I finished the "cobra hood" and the neck armor to a likable state, and continued fussing with the beard.


I duplicated the shading on the neck from the belly scales, then did some very pale shading on the hood, using Surf Aqua, LED Blue, and Blue Lightning.


The beard is just a wash of Ultramarine Blue and a dry brush of Blue Lightning. I'm not too pleased with the result, but it will do for now.


The photos is are another problem. The creature is mono-color enough that the tablet's camera is having trouble taking pictures, and details in the photos are getting washed out. Still, it reveals some flaws I missed, and that I'll have come back to.


Now, just the head is left, then cleanup and basing.

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    • By rubegon
      I haven’t been on the forum much this year.  Since joining Anne Foerster’s Patreon I’ve been spending more time on Discord.
      I’ve been painting this guy following the paintalong she’s done for one of the tiers.  It’s the first time I’ve tried to do a “display quality” paint job.  Other firsts are NMM, freehand, leather texture, cloth texture, and sculpted base elements.
      I actually started this guy early this year, but then stopped painting altogether for about 4 months after the pandemic started.  I picked him back up in July and am getting close to finishing.  I’m posting a series of pics I’ve taken as I went, and will continue to post as I finish him up soon.

      Feb 29: prepped and primed, with some minor GS work

      Mar 1:  base GS sculpting

      — LONG BREAK —
      Aug 2:  skin lined, basecoated, and shaded

      Aug 6:  skin initial highlights

    • By Rahz
      Another 3D print that I’m working on, this time a big one.  I’ve shied away from buying/printing dragons for the most part as I have a ton of amazing Reaper ones still to paint (or finish... ) but this one was a freebie of sorts from one of the creators I follow on Patreon.  
      In keeping with my clear resin tricks, I whipped up the base really quickly and then stalled on how I was going to paint the actual dragon...  oops!  

      I masked off the crystals and plugged the holes for the feet and primed it with a mix of brown and grey Vallejo primers, drybrushed it with a tan followed by a tan mixed with white and then it got a series of Vallejo model washes (green, grey and dark brown).  I then peeled off the mask and gave the crystals a quick coat with Tamiya Clear Green.  
      For the actual dragon, the plan now is to paint the heavier scales like the base with the softer belly and flesh being brown.  




      Like my recent plague doctor bust, I masked his eyes so they will be the same green as the crystals on his base.  I toyed with putting a light in his head as well, but seems to be doing that to everything all of a sudden, and skipped it.  
      in case you’re wondering about the pink, that’s what mixing the Vallejo red and grey primers did. The base was that colour before the drybrush and washes. 
      Hoping to get some more work on the brown and get the drybrush done on his scales this weekend.  That’s going to be a lot of drybrushing!! 
      Thanks for looking.  
    • By MoonglowMinis
      So for awhile now I've had this goal, nay, this desire, nay, this primal compulsion to build a boat.  It is not enough to have hand drawn maps, or 2D terrain tiles.  I need a fully functioning 3D boat!  Well, maybe not fully functioning.  But I want to build a cool boat!
      I've been working on a nautical campaign full of swashbuckling, sailing, and sea monsters for a few years now.  It's my White Whale project.  Always just on the horizon.  It'll happen some day, but in the meantime, I have a million small projects to complete and extend the chase.  One of which is my desire to build a few different sized ships to enliven any possible naval combat.
      I actually attempted this about two years ago, just winging it and making some measurements and throwing them at some craft supplies.  I wanted a cheap option that wasn't too difficult to repeat that way I wouldn't be discouraged from making multiple ships.  So I limited it to cheap crafting materials like foamcore, wooden dials, popsicle sticks, and thumbtacks.  And the result wasn't  bad.  Especially for my first attempt at any kind of terrain building.

      It actually turned out rather nice!  To my surprise.  But I got hung up on mast and sail designs and never finished.

      The wood on the deck had 2x1in grid carved into it for easier D&D use.

      and the figurehead was designed to be modular.

      However, overtime the boat collected dust and little scratches.  I should have given it a coat of mod podge or sealant of some kind, but never did.  And eventually it had an unfortunate run in with an injured owl that we took in for a night.

      Here's the little devil himself.
      Anyways, I put this project on the back burner for long enough and feel inspired to dive back in.  Especially with a certain Bones ship on the Horizon that I'm still on the fence about getting.  I was doing some browsing on the web and recently found this wonderful little blog complete with loose instructions and a plan from a now defunct wargamming site.  The blog creator had found the old plan and adapted it to build something using most of the same materials I have already stockpiled. 

      There's a few choices that I like better than my first attempt so I think I'm going to use this as some inspiration as I give this boat thing another go.

      My hold up now is still those darn masts.  The original plan above used wood and required drilling out holes for the masts.  The blogger use foam for his ship and found random bits of tubing to house his masts.  I could try to find something random like that, but I was hoping to find something simpler for easy repetition.  And I would also like to keep the masts loose so they can be removed for easy storage, or to swap out the sails.  Any thoughts?

      Any resources, tips, recommendations are very welcome!  I'll post back here with any updates.

    • By MoonglowMinis
      First time showing something off on the forums! Normally only post to my instagram @MoonglowMinis
      Had a blast painting this one up! Had to tap into my painterly side to get the glow effect I wanted and to transition the plating down to the end of the tail where there was no sculpted detail. 
      Hope you all like it!


    • By Wroberts316
      my second miniature! I finished this about a month ago, but my matte finish finally came in so it is truly complete on the painting front. I'll be making a base once I get into my new house, so once I get started on that I'll add more pictures. 

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