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Citadel Oldhammer Goblin Unit & Heartbreaker Boss (for KoW)

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Coming from a long time Goblin Guy...FANTASTIC! You've done a TERRIFIC job on the Old Green Fellows...GREAT brushwork. WELL DONE!

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These gobbos are so great!  (Malefactus always beats me to complementing people's goblins!)  I *love* what you did with the shields, and the scalemail is just fabulous as well.  It's always so cool to see people go back and do oldskool miniatures with newskool brushwork.  Really helps you appreciate how great the sculpts still are.

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Thanks guys, I do find goblins fun to paint - as long as there aren't too many of them at once! But old and new, they tend to have a lot of personality and more than a touch of fun to them. 

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Wow fantastic highlights on their skin and great details on all the weapons and armor. I really especially like the shield on the back of one of them.

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