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bout this project

Free Shipping for US Backers! Guaranteed delivery by Christmas so don't forget your gamers this holiday season! These make great gifts :) Jack Daniels and Jim Beam Dice now available by backer request!


Jack Daniels Barrels After They Are Used

Have you ever been to a gaming night and were afraid and ashamed to bust out your dice? Have DMs ever looked at you like you are a crazy warlock when you rolled? Thanks to Blackskull Dice you now have the chance to fix this problem!

Blackskull Dice is the result of me being that person described above. Not only did I want to have some awesome dice for our next game night but I wanted dice that no one else had. So... I made some one of a kind dice out of my exotic woods and acrylic blanks I use for other woodworking projects.

All of our dice come in our standard 3/4 inch size. We do also offer 1 inch sizes in select materials. All reward levels are 3/4 inch dice unless you choose a 1 inch level. Dice do tend to vary in size a few millimeters due to them being handmade. Please read the reward levels. Thank you.


Our Prototype Purpleheart Standard D6 Dice


Our 1 inch redheart dice with our standard 3/4 inch Lilac Maple


Kickstarter Green Acrylic Dice Ready to Polish

Get them while on Kickstarter! Not only will you be helping us jump start our business you will also be getting a great discount by choosing to back us on Kickstarter.

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