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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (new: Splinter & 3 Turtles)

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I got my TMNT minis and will start to modify and paint them.


First only the primed versions of the minis. Few needed still cleaning, so some parts are missing primer, now. (Also used a primer which need longer to dry and touched the minis to early...)




He will get a skateboard. :-)







I want to give him some technical devices, but I'm not sure how to to it or eben worse what to give him, yet!



Ok, only modification she will get is a hole closed, not visible on the picture. :-)
If I manage to build later Mousers, she will get a modified Mouser with a camera.




His left hand will get a flame thrower with flames coming out. I'm not sure if he get anything else.







He will get a modified tail. It will be longer and more important coming from top of the butt.
If you check the back of him, you can see a very weakly visible The Gap Of Horror (I hope you know what I mean). There should be under the kimono somehow a visible tail over the butt.
Eventually I will modify the Kimono a little bit. He is wearing it wrong. Traditionally you put the left side over the right side, but he has it otherwise. But this is a modification I'm a little afraid of, because I'm not really skilled in using green stuff.

He will get a bigger head! It is much to small. I found already a head in the Samurai box from Wargames Factory which I will use. The head will need few more modifications


Casey Jones

He will get a golf bag with sports equipment in it. Also on the floor I planned a bag with billiard bawls and few pucks.


He has in the moment the head with the helmet version. I don't like it but didn't got from Greebo the non-helmet version. I hope they will send it. So I can use it instead.



I hope to make my own Mousers later, because I want many of them, and getting them from Greebo Miniatures would be to expensive. But I'm not sure if I can realize it.


I got also from Taban Miniatures the Female Ninja, which will be a good version of Karai. Sadly I got not a pewter version, it is resin. I do not like resin very much.

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The rest of my uploaded pictures for today:


Shredders new head
On the base you see his old head.


Still need modifications. :-)

Casey's golf bag, still much to do...

Tomorrow I will make pictures of April and Karai painted.

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*grabs PIZZA

Cowabunga dude!



Sadly the sculpt from Michelangelo does not make it easy to add a pizza.

Putting some pizza boxes (one just opening making the pizza visible) on his back, would eventually overload the mini and hide to much details.




About Donatello, I found some pictures of his 2014 movie statue, especially his head and back with the devices I wanted to see. I hope I can reproduce some devices. :-)


I must say I liked the turtles from the 2014 movie. The movie itself is mostly crap.

I liked also the bandana from Raphael. :-)





About Shredder, I think I will remove the hand blades and give every hand two blades. Same with the shoulder pad blades, only that I will add three blades. Or whatever they are called.

Eventually I will get in the future another sculpt of him and make a Ch'rell version out of him (from the 2003 series).


About the Rat King, does anyone have an idea how to get a similiar mini to this newer version of him?




I think I have enough rats from Warhammer. :-)

The hat would be not so hard to sculpt, even for me. If the mini does not have it.


It would be perfect if he has the coat open like in this picture:



I love all the eyes inside the coat. :-)

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you could use the classic Frankenstien monster from Reaper ( I just painted one up).  His chest is almost a match and his coat is open.  Some judicious bandages around the head and some green stuff hair would bring it very close to this image.

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