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Good grief, more steampunk! aka Dodger from Twisted

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The steampunk bug continues to bite hard!


Decided to try one of my new Twisted minis, before I end up with an intimidatingly large pile of them, choose Dodger:-




I hate it when they insist on making you cut those tiny, fragile pieces from great, big, giant lumps of sprue.




As expected, removing him from the sprue cost him part of his scarf and coat, but I managed to do an okay job of repairing them.

I also managed to assemble him slightly wrong looking at the official pics, apparently he's supposed to be aiming forward.




Did his skin with a 1:1 Vallejo Dwarf Flesh/Vallejo Flat Flesh scheme. Also managed to get his teeth and eyes (no pupils though, they're too tiny!).

Started on his hair with Palomino Gold.

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Thanks guys!


I prefer this pose too, it does seem to fit him better (in my humble opinion), makes it very hard to paint one of his arms though.







Finished off his hair with highlights of Palomino Gold and Yellowed Bone.


He then got a Yellowed Bone shirt and I based his waistcoat (Vallejo Olive Green) and coat (Sapphire Blue), the blue needs another layer or two.

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