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My primitive $1 figure bin discard project with InstaMorph plastic.

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I will preface this with the fact that I am far more a tinkerer than a sculptor.  Lately I have dove back into the figure painting hobby as my wife has started up a weekly Pathfinder game at our house.  Living in Dallas I have the good fortune to be a 30 minute drive from the Reaper game store in Denton, which is the home of the $1 discard figure bin. Which I hit frequently to keep me in new things to paint until the next Kickstarter and it's eventual delivery while not utterly destroying my wallet.


Usually these are ones which had demolding problems it looks like and need to be bent back into proper form, some are multi-part figures that only have the main part present.   This is a case of the latter.


I picked up this bruiser, sans his hand and backpack/cloak for $1:




Note that jar in the background?  It's InstaMorph, and if you haven't played with it I strongly suggest you give it a shot.  Imagine plastic pellets which melt in 150 degree water, are form-able, harden to a paint-able and durable plastic, and can be remelted if you ever need/want. When it's hot and cooling it's mostly transparent, once it cooks it becomes more opaque and only slightly translucent. 


20 Minutes later : 




I was originally going to go with a tentacle arm/hand (easy to sculpt/paint) and go with a whole "giant of the deep sea" angle with the paints.  My wife then reminded me that we were heading into a desert, so I opted for the Kargath style primitive blade hand (I play a lot of WoW).  And going to paint it as a large stone or dark metal primitive blade.


The nicest thing is that if/when my sculpting improves I just drop the figure in a pyrex measuring glass of hot water and the existing ones melt back down and come off for me to resculpt/repaint.

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I didn't do a lot trying for small details on this run, but I'm about to test some other things with it.  I will post pics.  


One goal will be to use some metal objects with fine details pressed into it to see if it retains well.  No reason it shouldn't.  Detail sculpting on it might get tricky, but I noticed when I wanted to tinker, I could just dip the piece back in the very hot water for a few seconds to soften the outer portion of it.  Once it hardens you can use things such as a grinder/sander on it, and carve it with carving tools (although it gets a little too tough for just hobby xacto knifes).  I actually used my 3" wheel grinder/sander to sharpen up and shape his blade a tiny bit. 

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Wow, that's really cool. How do you actually use the pellets?  Do you just put a bunch of them in hot water and then have a blob of plastic putty, or do you somehow shape them into the rough shape of what you want first?

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As the pellets melt, they stick loosely together in a blob that looks a lot like a bundle of fish eggs. When you pull it out of the water, you mush it together. I've seen both good and bad reviews of it online. (There's a ton of youtube videos on it.)

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I've got a bag of polymorph somewhere, I've never actually used it for anything but I did practice mold-making, it's useless for a two-part mold but for something single-sided it's useful; it holds detail quite well but don't waste your time attempting two part molds.


For sculpting, I don't see any reason to use polymorph rather than normal sculpting putty except that it is extremely strong.

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