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Robin does glaze on Goroloth

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I too have purchased the GlazingStyle painting guide from Eric Louchard and decided to try learning this style of painiting.   For my  victim  subject,  I decided to use Goroloth from bones II,   He is large enough to give me practice as well as a challenge.  I started with a primer coat of MSP Pure white mixed in with Glaze Medium and Paint thinner , mixed about 3:3:1  (white:medium:thinner)




After letting that dry over night I have started to add the base coat washes as per the guidlines  (1:1 Paint:water).  They are HD Rich Indigo, Lemon Yellow and Lava Orange!


(Yes Jay I used Orange  :;):   )


This is where I have left it tonight and have yet to decide on how to base the tail and fins...


Suggestions would be appreciated as I have no clue what I am doing... so far just going with the flow!


post-12816-0-15456100-1435886321_thumb.jpg post-12816-0-46605600-1435886322_thumb.jpg


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Very cool.


For the fins maybe a kind of purple to blend in with both blue and orange on a certain level?


Apparently we think alike as I did Gem purple for the tail fins.  Although I also did orange on the main body fins..


SMASHING colour selections, bold, bright and vibrant! Can't wait to see how this turns out! (I personally fear vibrant colours.)


I too tend to shy away from bright... but this is a learning challenege so I am going there.


I have done the first glaze pass.. mixing Neon Yellow 1:8 matt medium and applying that to the yellow and Orange sections.   I then followed that up with a glaze of Fireball orange (also 1:8 paint to matt medium) on just the yellow to get some shadow going and to give some cohesive color all over.  Not sure I achieved much with the first glaze pass but it is shown below.








Crtiques.. pointers.. color suggestions... feel free to through them at me as I need some help figuring out what to do next especially color wise!

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One thing I've done by accident, but it worked: consider some deliberate "bleed over" where colours meet, to help blend them. Does your book mention this? I don't want to mislead you into wrecking your paintjob.

actually yes it does. I have started some bleed over in pass two of the glaze phase.  I have actually added some carrot top red (orange) to the lower portion of the belly and bled that into a lava orange glaze on the upper portion of the belly.  As well as letting the carrot top bleed into the blue under belly a bit.

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