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Robin does glaze on Goroloth

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Update July 7th (in the midst of the Bones III frenzy)


I have been glazing like crazy trying to get the midsection and tentacles to look right. 


I added some blood red to the lower midsection running into the blue and then worked glazes from blood red-- carrort red -- lava orange -- Gidled Yellow from the bottom to the of the mid section, blending as I went.  


I then did glazes of lava orange and gilded yellow to the upper body, and blood red over the purple fins.


On the tentacles I went with a glaze of LED Blue in highlight areas, followed by a general glaze of dragon blue.


Next came some white highlights in key areas to help bring out the contrast and then these wehere topped by thier respective glazes,


Up next I think I need to do shadows and see what that brings.

 I have only done all of this to the left side of goroloths main body som I will have to start on the right soon.


Comments ..  suggestions.. call me crazy..  all input welcome!



and of course Pics (with greyscale for contrast evaluation)!

post-12816-0-59848000-1436284891_thumb.jpg post-12816-0-07528900-1436285009_thumb.jpg


post-12816-0-06392600-1436284949_thumb.jpg post-12816-0-20767900-1436284985_thumb.jpg


post-12816-0-51807400-1436284958_thumb.jpg post-12816-0-49191900-1436284995_thumb.jpg




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I have completed this as far as I can take it.  


Lessons learned:  

    Number one..

            plan your colors out ahead of time.. from the initial base to the glazes your are layering over top... 

            I did not and I got a little lost in what to do next for the Yellow upper body.


    Number Two:

           This was a great way to blend colors over a large flat surface


    Number Three:

           The instructions suggested a large amout of thinner to paint mix ratio for the glaze...  they are correct

            I followed the guidlines even though I felt the glaze was waaaaayyyy to thin,  but after layering it on it did its magic and I am sold!


I still need to base this dude and I am not sure how at this time...  my first attempt made a nice sea floor base but the Goroloth over shadowed it by a mile when I placed him on it.   So back to the drawing board.


I will place him in show off once based... I promise.


The (Tropical) Goroloth's final glossy paint job  :unsure:














Fell free to throw coins, gold bars, room keys..   or even just comments, critiques or suggestions   (although gold bars would be really nice)

Thanks for looking


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