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Resolutionary Painting Challenge, 1776 Edition

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Finished the burrowing horror, which is sadly off topic for my shirtless month.  pics SOONtm

but a shirtless human, ogre and giant has taught me a lot about painting muscular chests.  

the(near-shirtless) female barbarian is unlikely to be finished, she only has a few layers of tanned flesh on top of brown liner. 

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Looks like only 5 this month, and we are driving to the airport for our two week vacation now, so no more painting this month. I apologize for not having links, it is just too difficult to do on my cell.


Hero clix repaint

Sheriff Mitchell - the 1776 challenge piece

MBA Female Engineer

Natalia, secret agent

Max Decker

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This month's paints


1 and 2. Lily and Nez http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/63394-mice-and-mystics-lily-and-nez/#entry1190668


3,4 and 5. Caryatid Columns and the Angel of Sorrow http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/63410-77378-caryatid-columns-77362-angel-of-sorrow/

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Place holder added with a few hours to go....need to shoot a picture. Or two.  (Picture is up.)

I've done what I can for July...
...forgot about the RWB bonus challenge. (Edited to add links and #6)

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I thought I posted a "holder" before I left for GenCon, but I was able to complete my goal of 4 minis for July.


And here is a really crummy photo as proof.



The two girls are supposed to be Winter Witches, and I have just now realized that I never went in and painted the snowdrifts over the blue ice on their bases.


The Harpy whose tail has been surgically removed is painted grey and black since she is impersonating a Strix.


The grub, however, I am proud of in all his pink and white and pale green glory. I will try to take some better pics and put him in Show off at some point.


PS: I submit for your consideration an additional mini I completed during July, since AutumnHare can't count to 5. *eyeroll*





It is firmly glued together.

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