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That's a tall order, best of luck to you!!

You're off to a good start.

Thanks. It can be a commitment, but I have a lot of partly complete minis, so it's not as difficult as you'd expect. If I had to start from scratch each day, (cleaning, basing, priming, painting) then it'd be really difficult.


I like the mine.


I also like the idea of a mini painting calendar

Thanks. I came up with it years ago as a way of giving a thumbnail example of all the minis at the top of a post. That way if someone saw something they liked they could find it relatively easily. 


I love the colours :ik_oops: (And not just cause I'm from the NW too :lol: ) They're very vibrant and you pulled them off well. Good work! ^_^

I'm glad you like it. I imagine if I paint another Blood Bowl chapter I'll have to use 49ers colors to satisfy the rest of my friends.


02%20Sea%20Giant1.jpg 02%20Sea%20Giant2.jpg 02%20Sea%20Giant3.jpg

Today's is the Sea Giant model from Dread Fleet. I picked him up a while back in a bits order. I didn't see a use for most of the Dread Fleet stuff, but I think this guy'd would fit well in some kind of marshy graveyard encounter in D&D.



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That Sea Giant makes an awesome ghost

I was thinking some kind of aquatic/water logged zombie. The PCs couild be swept into a water-filled room that seems empty at first, but is full of watery corpses.


I love when you do this. Always entertaining and inspiring.


Glad you like them. I'm not sure I remember having seen you before, do you have a name on Warseer? (where I usually post this challenge)


Happy 4th of July everybody!


Looking at this Necromunda Bounty Hunter mini I thought he bore a striking resemblance to the Winter Soldier, so I decided to roll with it. After all, what's more American than Captain America? (Yes, I know the Winter Soldier is Soviet, just go with it). Who is that blonde guy with the chiseled jaw? Who knows. (somebody should probably check on Steve Rogers)


Either way, I've painted him up accordingly, which, as it turns out, isn't that far from the mini's original paintjob as it appeared in the original GW catalogs






04%20Bounty%20Hunter1.jpg 04%20Bounty%20Hunter2.jpg

He's almost all black & grey, so there's no real trick to his color scheme. It's probably one of the easiest minis I'll paint all month..



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I used to lurk Warseer. Have not been there for quite a while, though.


Bucky-40K looks awesome. Necromunda rules.

Ah, okay. Yeah, I only really seem to drop in there once a year for this challenge. It seems to have died down quite a bit.


Back in the 80's Graeme Davis and Jes Goodwin were attempting to create an army race unique to Games Workshop, and they created the Fimir (based on the Celtic Fomorians). They're amphibian, weird, and have a really dark background.


GW oroginally planned on expanding them into an army, but according to wikipedia GW was worried their Grimdark backstory might turn off potential players, so they decided to axe them (apparently this was before retconning was in fashion).


Either way, there weren't a lot of Fimir miniatures made, and they're probably best known from HeroQuest.


03%20Fimir1.jpg 03%20Fimir2.jpg 03%20Fimir3.jpg

This guy (all warrior Fimir are male) was picked up from the same friend who gave me the HeroQuest Elf years ago. I chose to go for a olive green skin, so I started with a mix of Thraka Green & Dark Angels Green, building up to a mix of Goblin Green and Catachan Green (I gotta use my old paint before they dry up). Finally, I mixed up to final last layer of Nurgling Green and a wash of Athonian Camoshade. The brass comes from an initial layer of Warplock Bronze, followed by a layer of Balthasar Gold. I then give it a wash of old inks (watered down black and chestnut ink), then layers of Runelord Brass and Mithral Silver.


The green & brass balance fairly well, and I feel supports the whole Celtic vibe. He's simple, but I like it.



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Love the vibrancy of these. Well done!

Thank you. I like to play with different colors, and (try to) avoid a lot of black/gray. There are a ton of great colors & combinations, so there's no need to fall back on blacks, unless it goes with a theme (like the bounty hunter above).


Welcome to Imperium Week. We're starting off with a homebrew Sororitas order I've been calling "Order of the Ivory Wings"


This is one of two minis I purchased during a "rally" to show support for Adeptas Sororitas in March (the first is here). I never did hear if anyone at GW noticed the sales spike, although I read a few blogs where it was noticeable how much SoB stock was sold out.


I went for the flame-toting Seraphim in part because flamers are fluff appropriate for the SoBs, but mostly because I like the face mask.


05%20Seraphim1.jpg 05%20Seraphim2.jpg

I'm sticking with the original color scheme I tested in March although, at the suggestion of Yorrik, I'm painting the weapon casings a dark red color to cut down on the hard contrast between the ivory armor and black cloth. It's benefits are more noticeable on the other sisters I've painted. If you want you see how to paint the ivory armor I have a brief tutorial in the link above. I'm also thinking about sticking with the blonde hair for all of the sisters. It's different from other groups & looks pretty good with the armor.


I had a little difficulty getting this mini on her base. I'd originally had her leaping off of her right foot, but it looked unbalanced & ended up snapping off the base, so I swapped feet & pinned her in a more natural position. She's still a bit unbalanced, but I can still put some weight in the base.



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Great Fimir!  I have a few of those in a box somewhere.


That sister of battle is pretty nice too btw.

They're neat minis. Forgeworld has some up-to-date Fimir minis as well. Thanks. I like the SoB scheme as well. Once GW gets around to updating their army & giving them plastic minis I'll absolutely buy into it & paint them this way.


You may have heard this before, but you have a very unique coloring style. It makes me think of cel-shading kind of. I like it! Very cool.


These all look great. I look forward to seeing you fill up July!

I've been told I have a cartoon-like style, but I've never hear cell-shading before. Hope you like what comes up next. :) 

Imperium week marches on.
Honestly. I don't know where I got this guy, or how long I've had him. There's a pretty decent chance he used to belong to my old Navy roommate. I just know I've had it for a long time, and I've never had any kind of need for it. I don't play guard, and I don't have any place in my armies for one half of a jungle-warfare missile launcher team. So, like the Kroxigor, this seemed like an ideal time to see what I could do with this guy.
06%20Catachan1.jpg 06%20Catachan2.jpg 06%20Catachan3.jpg
It's a Catachan, so it seemed only natural to paint his clothes with Catachan Green, Camo Gree, and Nurgling Green with an Athonian Camoshade wash. I wasn't sure what kind of boots to give him. I was in the Navy, so I never had to worry about the various types of footwear that Army guys had to deal with. I seemed to remember them wearing tan suede boots under certain circumstances though & I thought that'd make for a clear delineation between mini and base.
I'm close to done with Tuesday's mini already, so there will be a new update tomorrow.
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    • By aku-chan
      Wanted to continue working on my Underworld stuff, but didn't fancy the last two minis I had left in the previous thread, so thought I'd roll them into a new one.

      This time we've got 10 randomly chosen minis, the two dudes from the last thread and the whole Sea Elf team (They felt too fragile to pack away after I built them).

      Here we have Cyrille and Celine (A pair of Elven Peacekeepers) and Snoz a Goblin Scout with his wolf Fang.

      This set consists of Zellotl (Lizardman Warrior), Freshly Awake (a newly risen Skeleton), Frilna (a companion beast to the Fey Elves), Sorcha (battle-hardened Mercenary) and Ailithir (Evil Knight).

      Yrkill and Jafari (from the previous thread) plus their companions Sigmundur and Sethos (because someone or something is determined to have me paint these particular teams). Sethos isn't an Underworlds figure but is a matching Cultist from the OOP Warhammer Quest:- Silver Tower game on an old resin base I found.

      And this is the Sea Elf team.
      We've got Gaelin (he's a Fish), Tanjaya (the Warrior at the back), Indra (a Summoner), Surya (a Harpooner with no eyes) and Orym (he's a Crab).
      Making a start on Sorcha:-

      Painted the furry collar on her cape.
      It's a base of Cold Grey with a Black Wash and the drybrushes of Cold Grey, Ghost Grey and Off-white (Only on the upper shoulder bits).
      Not sure if I should paint her head next or the armour that's close to it, either way I think I'll make a mess.
    • By aku-chan
      Presenting the Swamp Orc Standard Bearer, he's part of one of the newer factions in Games Workshop's Age of Sigmar range.
      Really happy with this one and I had a lot of fun painting all his chunky detailing!
      As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
    • By aku-chan
      Any Spaceport bar, where hard-bitten adventurers gather, will have a regular willing to regale strangers with tales of Lady Vulnavia's exploits, and most of the tales contain a reason behind her always veiled face. Is she secretly an exiled alien princess, or was she badly scarred duelling the King of the Space Pirates? Only the Lady knows and she's not telling.
      Presenting Lady Vulnavia, woman of mystery and leader of the Starstriders. She was part of the (now OOP, I think) Killteam:- Rogue Trader boxset from Games Workshop.
      Not one of my best paintjobs, but I'm still pretty happy with how she turned out.
      As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
    • By Rickdraco
      As I mentioned in the thread on the Captain with Terminator Honours, here is the best painted Dreadnaught I have done, the trident symbol on the  front is the chapter insignia. Let me know what you think!

    • By Rickdraco
      I thought it would be cool to show off an older model I painted, this one is a vintage Space Marine Captain, painted in the colours of my own Chapter, the Sons of Poseidon.
      Comments and criticisms always wanted, let me know what you think! The model was painted using Army painter paints.

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