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When I imagine the classic dragon vs. adventurers scenario, the dragon is typically ginormous.  Not just large enough to hold an adventurer in its mouth, but able to easily swallow one in a single gulp - I'm talking its teeth being as long as Sir Forescale's sword.  In such as scenario, Tianot would be even larger.


Now, I recognize that that's just unlikely to happen.  A "miniature" that large would be incredibly impractical and difficult to design so that it wouldn't collapse under its own weight, not to mention likely prohibitively expensive even in bones.  I'm quite okay with the size of the colossal critters that Reaper's put out already (as I mentioned, their sheer size as it is makes them too intimidating for me to paint), but I can understand why some people might want something larger.


I have to admit, I'm really excited about eventually seeing the full model for Tianot, complete with Sir Forescale.



This is very true, and especially in a world like the one I play in (Glorantha), where true dragons are kilometers in length (really geographical features beyond the ken of humanity), and have been known to decimate entire armies, not just piddling little adventurer types. There's no way I could find a model (even Tianot) to reflect their size. (Heck, full-grown giants in and of themselves are over 100 meters tall)...  


That being said, dream dragons in Glorantha are quite a bit smaller, and easier to model, so they're really the ones the adventurers would even have a chance of fighting and defeating (like my avatar, the baby red dragon). Tianot would be a cool multi-headed dream dragon they could fight, so it's on my list... :)

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Numbers Based on 1300-1400 Reaper time today:

Total Gain Today - $12,537

Total to Next Goal - $24,911

New Backers This Hour - 5

Gain in last Hour - $7,334

Current Average Pledge - $114.98

Average Hourly Pledges Today - $1,419

Average Hourly Backers Today - 4.6

Hours to next goal based on Hourly Avg - 3.4

Hours to next goal based on Daily Avg - 17.6

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Reaper- the weapon sprus are freakin fantastic!

As these are hard plastic i could use them with any minis I own and they would still work.

I don't own a box of bits but i will after this stuff ships :)


Also these are going to be so easy to work with unlike what i do to metal when i try and mod it....

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Also: Yay, gremliiiiins!  I bought these guys in metal (along with the mites) because I had despaired that we would ever see such tiny sculpts in Bones.  But I look forward to having more of them. They are adorable.  Hope their details turn out nicely.  The newer bonesium has been doing quite well, so I have high hopes.

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I wrote out the opening to the Story for the maps. 

This story Ends at precisely the moment the first KS map begins.


It's awful, being that I am not a great writer, but I had fun and I hope you do too.




It had been a long night. As the sun began to rise to the east, across the Forlorn Mountains at the edge of the world, Mrs. Bones locked the front door to the manor and hung her golden sword over the mantle. Mr. Bones propped his scythe against the wall and kicked off his boots. The graveyard was silent now, and the ferry service was closed for the day. After sunset the spirits would need to be quieted again and Mrs. Bones would go on patrol, and Mr. Bones would go to work for Mr. Charon but for now, they could rest in each other’s arms.


Mr. Bones pulled the curtain closed just as the first rays of the morning sun hit the opposite wall, and he crawled into bed beside his beloved Ulna. Dim, warm light from the gaps in the drapes filled the room as they drifted off to sleep, cold beneath their scarlet covers. The lights in their eyes dimmed, and the only sounds to be heard were the occasional rattle of their gentle breathing. Hours passed.


A dark shadow passed over the bed, blotting out all light. A great din erupted as the great window shattered, the glass ripping the heavy scarlet damask curtains into tatters. Shards of glass and crimson cloth filled the air and the shadow covered the bed in darkness that was palpable, not just blocking the light but absorbing it. Ulna jumped up, searching the chaos to find her husband, but she could see nothing in the blackness, feeling only the glass against her cheekbones and something soft drifting through the air.


The shadow receded and as light returned Ulna tried to make sense of the scene. Glass was everywhere, mixed with bright red streaks, and tufts of fluff floated through the air. The sun bathed the room in intense hot light, overwhelming her. The bed was ripped asunder. Giant rends streaked through the black-swan-down filled mattress, black streaks through rivers of crimson.


What she could not see was her dear Vomer. Her eyes flared red as she reached into her bed stand to grab a strength potion. Taking a quick second to grab her cloak to protect her from the hateful sun and a small pack, she ran down the hall to follow the trail of the thing that stole her husband. She knew she’d need her weapons, so she couldn’t leap foolishly out the window after them. She ran down the hall, emerging into a disused chamber with empty bookshelves and discarded bones - they’d always wanted to make a child, but their careers kept them both pretty busy.


An armored warrior burst through the doorway, brandishing a laughably small knife. For over two centuries Ulna had patrolled the cemetery at World’s Edge, this human warrior was no match. Ulna stopped, adjusted her cloak, and waved the soldier on. He paused briefly, not expecting his target to be so calm, but seeing she was unarmed, he grew emboldened. He lunged towards her, thrusting his dagger towards her grinning face. She extended her left leg, sweeping his ankle out from under him. As he hit the ground, she dropped, planting her knee across the back of his neck. She reached out and twisted the knife from his hand, flipped it across her palm, and thrust it into his back.


He did not scream or twitch. His head twisted around, and as he spoke his lips and eyes turned black. “You’ll never defeat us all. You will fall before us, and your power will be ours. Vomer Bones is already lost. You have already lost.†The words dissolved into unintelligible burbles and bubbles as the soldier dissolved into a gooey pool of black. That was no human, but whatever it was was the same dark shadow-stuff that had invaded their room and stolen her husband.


Standing, Mrs. Bones held the new dagger before her, straightened her shirt, and blew her bangs out of her eyes. The soldier could not have been more wrong. She would not lose...





























We got jumped and lost a life! At least Bonehenge gave us a diamond.







Mrs. Bones got all ogre smash and started kicking corpses all over the place!




New map! Outdoors & line of sight. Looks like we get an extra life at 1 million plus a helmet instead of a hat.




... and outside!




More townsfolk!





More weapons!





That brain in a jar is really cool, as are the twig blight and the stitch golems. Looking forward to seeing more of this expansion.

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