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I went through my history and found the page that asked me if I wanted to pay x amount with this credit card and I clicked pledge again and it ended up processing just fine I am now a backer in wave 1.  I dont know if this was just fortunate timing or if what I did had something to do with it!


I did the same thing here and it did process and now my pledge is in at wave 1!  And I am backer 3081 even though I am in wave 1....

This worked for me too! Good thing it was still in my history! Thanks for the tip!

For what it's worth, when my pledge finally went through, the amount of backers for wave 1 did not go up. This leads me to believe that most of us in processing limbo actually have our spot claimed. Not 100% sure on this, but signs look good!



For those with the processing problem - has anyone's gone through that just waited?


90 minutes later... still processing.

See the fix above buddy. :-) good luck



Won't work for me.  Closed the browser after pledging.  Wasn't expecting such a problem.

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Reaper posted in response to a question on dragon sizes:


The Diabolus Dragon is roughly the same size as Deathsleet, Cinder, and Ebonwrath, all of which are already available in Bones. Marthrangul is about a foot long.





--OneBoot :D

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Looking at the game map, anyone else notice Player Two is now in play and that several items have been gathered on the bottom of the screen?


Really wondering the significance behind these items: Two potions, sword, book, lantern.


And hooray for (eventually) unlocking new paints. A shadow/base/highlight NMM gold, metallics, liners and washes.

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