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Bones Kickstarter #3 Discussion


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This could be fun in Bones..


03096: Barros & Tempest, Paladin on Pegasus

As a mounted figure, that breaks the 3 points of support rule.  Looks nice, but not bones viable without bulking up those back legs like crazy.


If the tail is touching the base, it could be enough to keep it level.



or Reaper could introduce flying Bones bases........ :wub:


or just do what I did with mine, mount it using a sturdy wire or in my case the base it comes with (haven't decided, friend is using piano wire for the post) 


This is the metal version:

(note the funky base)



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$1.51M goal achieved! Ogre Command and Mythos part II unlocked. Seriously, I didn't expect us to get it today.


New reveal:

The Wild West of Oz



And Mythical Monsters


Now I can go to bed. :;):

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Digging the mythical monsters!


Oh yah!


Love the lady sphinx.  Bought the Weird West/OZ figs at RCon last year so no excitement for those but they are fantastic minis + hey flying monkeys in Bones = HORDES!!!

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Anyone have any idea what the dwarf king might cost retail?  I'd like 2 thrones, and thinking probably about a wash just to get an extra set of that now instead of waiting to buy later.


i'm not sure, but it looks to be a big hunk of bones material...probably a super good deal to get it for the price it is, along with the other minis

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A lot of people appeared on the game map. Including an 8-bit Cthulhu (part 3 of the Mythos expansion?)

Clearly an umber hulk, sorry! :P


That said, wow. Not a lot of great sphynx out there that I can think of - most are either masculine/ragefaced like the one reaper makes, or just look like neko with wings. This one captures everything I want in a sphinx, on the other hand - beauty, catlike poise, animalistic limbs, and big, gorgeous, easily-convertible wings...


Likewise, the manticore is fantastic. George Wise's one isn't bad, mind you - but this one has a certain sleek anger to it that matches what I think of in a big predator, plus awesome scales and a great face. The wings are also cool - the whole thing looks really put-together, although I'd like to see what's up with the tail from another angle...

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I may regret it, but I've backed out of getting that mystic circle. I'm just thinking about where to put it, and what I'd do with it, and coming up with a blank. Last KS, I regretted not getting the giant spider several times, each time rechecking the pledge and being surprised I did get it. This time... I don't think it'll be in the cart.


Course, that also makes room for those Mythical Monsters. They'll look good in the display.

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      H.P.Lovecraft, The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath

      Ahoy, my dream enemy! Have at you!
      Also, this one will be a part of the Kings of War Nightstalkers army.
      77524 Gug, Eldritch Horror
      from the Bones 3 Mythos expansion
      Reaper Miniatures 2016
      Sculpted by Michael Brower
      Classic Bones
      40mm base
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