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Bones Kickstarter #3 Discussion


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Well, I'd say the campaign did pretty well, especially considering this campaign was pretty much saying "Give us your Gencon Monies" with it's timing.


Is there an anticpated retail price for Ma'aldrakar?


According to the Pledge Manager, shipping alone on Ma'al to Soviet Canuckistan is going to cost $45USD.  Add the exchange rate, tax, and border handling, and he totals to $160CAD.


If he is going to retail for ~$100-$120 USD, I'm better off to wait.  If he's going to retail for much more than that, well, I don't need him that badly.

$120-150 is our estimates. The more are pre-ordered via KS the cheaper we can get the unit cost and we can make it at retail.


THANKS for that insight! That actually ties in nicely with the Minimum Order issues when dealing with Chinese manufacturing.



Sad that the pumpkin cart never showed up.

Make one from popsicle sticks and micro pumpkins from fall decor that will be in stores soon.

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