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Bones Kickstarter #3 Discussion

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Heya, Mrs. Boot.


(Diggy, diggy hole...)


Heya! Likey likey Stomp, actually. ;)


Last week was so nuts, I only had time to occasionally check the KS comments, and that was it! Rectifying that now, as you've noticed, lol. ^_^


(diggy diggy hole, lol, I liked that song before it was cool. /hipster :lol:)


EDIT: It's actually a ton of fun reliving the excitement after the fact, as well as seeing all of the "Oh man, why didn't mini X show up?" where X = Sophie or air elementals or frost giantess :)



--OneBoot :D

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I think the length was okay, but that the actual end day could be closer to the 1st or 15th.  Many people get paid bi-weekly, and having the 7 day window to fix lack of funds closer to a payday may be of some benefit.  This one came down on a Saturday precisely 7 days away from the 1st, also on a Saturday.  Depending on how pay gets processed, some people may not see funds they can use until the following Monday.  This means they either have to pledge less up front to be sure it funds, or they risk not being able to make up the difference and may miss out (not sure what happens after the 7 days, I assume the pledge is just cancelled as nonfunding). 

I totally agree with the goblin here. I got everything I asked for and then some though, so thanks Reaper. TBH, I couldn't have spent anymore if I wanted to, without watching the overdraft protection notices come in this week.

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I liked the shorter funding period. It kept the KS fun to check back on. I liked the format of multiple goals up at once.


I think the lower total is due more to a bit of saturation. A lot of people who backed Bones 1 & 2 still have plastic minis left to paint or may feel they have enough, particularly if they are not a GM. Even with a lower total (a "mere" 2.7 million...) this was still very successful!

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I also liked the shorter duration, and more so, the way Reaper managed the stretch goals, so that we basically hit one a day. It felt very well managed, with a good balance of rewards across the core set, add on options, and expansions.



Gonna feel kinda funny not checking the KS page or not seeing Ks updates on my phone...


the aftermath of a funny KS!!


On to Legendary Encounters!!!


I won't be joining in on LE, but I'm definitely feeling withdrawal symptoms.... I keep wanting to check the KS page, and update the numbers every hour...


I think I am going through withdrawal already..... I woke this morning to come check the progress and the forums and there is very little additional posting since the close of the KS.


I didn't read it during the campaign because there was so much other stuff going on, Does anyone have the link to the story that the one poster was writing as the campaign went along, I would love to go back and read it.


<<<<<Runs out to check mailbox>>>>>>


Back to painting my 20 minis.....





Same here. I got some books, but no Bones this weekend... It's gonna be a long year, but when they show up, it's gonna be AMAZING!


Back to Ebonwrath... Then onto Kaladrax!

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This may have been covered before, but how can I get the pledge manager to reset? It doesn't show my initial EB pledge in the manager. I have tried logging out, and back in again. That doesn't work.


Any help is appreciated.


Reverend Shartan

Until we receive the data from Kickstarter and do our magic to convert it over from Calculator Mode to Manager Mode, things will not show accurately.

Your pledge amount and your shipping wave are the two big things that people are asking about.


Practice patience and watch for the updates in your email inbox on the First and Third Fridays of each month beginning 8/12/15.

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Great kickstarter overall.  Definitely enough variety to cover multiple niches.


I would love to load up on the new kobolds, but unfortunately they are tied to one of the expansions.  I really hope those make it to retail quickly.

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I think the shorter campaign worked well, though only Reaper has all the available data to make its determination about that.  Reaper raised almost as much as the other projects in a shorter time, with substantially more raised per day on average.  So think about the fact their staff gets tied up an stressed during the campaign and they don't get to work on much else, and those days cut out from the campaign must be very valuable to Reaper, which I'm sure is the main reason they shortened the campaign.  They basically just compressed the fundraising to fewer days, making the time more productive. And since we got a lot of great miniatures comparable to the other two campaigns, it looks like a win/win to me.  Sure, we didn't see everything, but that will always be the case since they are now preparing for much more than the expected total goal, just in case they get surprised by the response.  That just means they have a head start on planning Bones 4.

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A couple days late chiming in here, but I want to thank & congratulate Reaper on another phenomenal Kickstarter.  I missed Bones I, but after the amount I spent on Bones II I figured that I wouldn't be backing any further Kickstarters.  Reaper did a great job in (from my point of view) providing a wide range of miniatures for different genres that managed to rope me back in to pledge heavily again.


Looking forward to hopefully seeing Bones 4 next year! (Skull & CrossBones?  With Gnoll Pirates please?)

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