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In fact, if the cost is really that flat, why aren't ROW backers given that same cost as a discount off the shipping? 


Just saying...



How do you know we aren't?  Once the pledge calculator goes live we can take a look at the estimated shipping, work out the likely dimensions & weight of the core pack, and see how much it'd cost us to ship it ourselves from the US.  As I said before - last time, it was cheaper for me by a fair chunk to let Reaper handle the shipping for me.

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Yea I know reaper shipped last KS out fast so Im not really worried about the wave Im i, my main worry is that it never stops processing and I dont get in on the KS.......

Well you have 18 days. I understand the frustration but I think you will be fine. :D

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I'm with Laoke, I *think* I remember Reaper saying that they are giving the equivalent of US shipping as a discount built-in for international backers.  I'd love to see that spelled out somewhere so that everyone can know the real deal, though. 


Also, I hope everyone who's stuck still "processing" doesn't have a problem in the end...  I got that for 5 minutes or less but 20+ minutes sounds excessive...  :unsure:


Wheee!  I'm in Wave 1!  I'm backer 600-something, but I'm in Wave 1!

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Just curious, Ok I know you use pledge manager to figure out what you want with your pledge. I went in for 150 (subject to change due to the KS ends near the end of the month ie house payment time...) I'm not sure if I'm gonna go with the Core thou, as I may just use it to pick up the stretch goals. Can you do that with a Core Wave 1 pledge?


B2 I did the $1 then added later.


Just was wondering.

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