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Bones Kickstarter #3 Discussion


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Have to admit.  The more I look at it, the more I am seeing little details and liking it.


That dwarf must have a Manor-level beard.  It's still thriving long after the dwarf has died :lol:


Nah, it's an intelligent dwarf undead.  He's killed another dwarf and sovereign glued that dwarf's scalped beard on.  And then he gentle reposes it.

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How about packing those undead also in packs of "elven archer only", "Halfling only", "Dwarf only" etc ... and selling them for $8, too? I'd pay $8 for a pack of 6 of those archers ... or 4 of those minotaurs ... or 8 halflings ...


Sigh ... I know ... to complicated?


Waiting for retail is the only way this will work.

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How about packing those undead also in packs of "elven archer only", "Halfling only", "Dwarf only" etc ... and selling them for $8, too? I'd pay $8 for a pack of 6 of those archers ... or 4 of those minotaurs ... or 8 halflings ...


Sigh ... I know ... to complicated?


Waiting for retail is the only way this will work.



Not really, he hasn't said he wanted more than ten of any so far.  He could just add on 10 copies of everything.

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How about packing those undead also in packs of "elven archer only", "Halfling only", "Dwarf only" etc ... and selling them for $8, too? I'd pay $8 for a pack of 6 of those archers ... or 4 of those minotaurs ... or 8 halflings ...


Sigh ... I know ... to complicated?

Sounds like you need to buy at least 4 of the Undying Lords set at a minimum.  If you look at the likely retail costs, you might as well just buy 6 sets, and wait for retail to buy 2 more halflings.

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How about packing those undead also in packs of "elven archer only", "Halfling only", "Dwarf only" etc ... and selling them for $8, too? I'd pay $8 for a pack of 6 of those archers ... or 4 of those minotaurs ... or 8 halflings ...


Sigh ... I know ... to complicated?


During the project, they are available at $8 for the 6 models shown. 


In retail, they will be available as 6 unique part numbers, each separate in blister. 


We will not be offering them the way you specify during the project, and to be 100% honest, that is mostly because we NEED retail sales of these (actually, all) figures to remain profitable. Offering the product in such a way as to mean no retail sales were required (such as offering every model separately as an add-on) would bankrupt us.

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Thanks for the explanation Bryan. It was just wishful thinking as I can certainly use a couple of undead dwarves, elves and halflings, but no more than one or two of those Undying Lords of Death (or more than 3 Minotaurs).


And I have to say again: As far as what I'm getting in the core set (and as very affordable add-ons - like those undead and Kyra) ... Bones III is (to me!) even better than Bones II (of course, this statement is made in the hope of getting a bit more things I also like added to the core ... but you've totally hit my personal tastes and needs with the core so far).

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The Lizardfolk could be converted fairly easily to be a Hellborn.  Honestly, when I first saw the image, before I read the text, I thought it was, until I read the text and noticed the shape of the jaw.  Just a little rhinoplasty and mandible reconstruction.

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These are amazing! Love the dwarf and halfling in particular, and I know I'll have no difficulty finding a use for that Minotaur. There are a lot more paid addons that I actually want this time around... What a horrible time to be going without a paycheck for 2 months. :(

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Is Talae awake yet? Has anyone teased out the funding during ROW hours vs. domestic?

Up now and built a trend over the last hour so I could post stats:


Numbers Based on 1000-1100 Reaper time today:

Total to Next Goal - $45,194

Current Average Pledge - $111.67

New Backers This Hour - 13

Gain in last Hour - $3,035

Total Gain Today - $16,271

Average Hourly Pledges Today - $1,479

Average Hourly Backers Today - 7.6


As for the comparison of ROW vs Domestic - not sure which hours to count as which, but at a quick glance it looks like maybe 2300-0700 ReaperTime would be reasonable. During that time we trend (as much as you can trend in only a few days) at about half the daily average with most of the best times in the 0900-1300 range. These numbers obviously get skewed with the release of new goals and whatnot, so your question is difficult to answer.

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I wrote out the opening to the Story for the maps. 

This story Ends at precisely the moment the first KS map begins.


It's awful, being that I am not a great writer, but I had fun and I hope you do too.




It had been a long night. As the sun began to rise to the east, across the Forlorn Mountains at the edge of the world, Mrs. Bones locked the front door to the manor and hung her golden sword over the mantle. Mr. Bones propped his scythe against the wall and kicked off his boots. The graveyard was silent now, and the ferry service was closed for the day. After sunset the spirits would need to be quieted again and Mrs. Bones would go on patrol, and Mr. Bones would go to work for Mr. Charon but for now, they could rest in each other’s arms.


Mr. Bones pulled the curtain closed just as the first rays of the morning sun hit the opposite wall, and he crawled into bed beside his beloved Ulna. Dim, warm light from the gaps in the drapes filled the room as they drifted off to sleep, cold beneath their scarlet covers. The lights in their eyes dimmed, and the only sounds to be heard were the occasional rattle of their gentle breathing. Hours passed.


A dark shadow passed over the bed, blotting out all light. A great din erupted as the great window shattered, the glass ripping the heavy scarlet damask curtains into tatters. Shards of glass and crimson cloth filled the air and the shadow covered the bed in darkness that was palpable, not just blocking the light but absorbing it. Ulna jumped up, searching the chaos to find her husband, but she could see nothing in the blackness, feeling only the glass against her cheekbones and something soft drifting through the air.


The shadow receded and as light returned Ulna tried to make sense of the scene. Glass was everywhere, mixed with bright red streaks, and tufts of fluff floated through the air. The sun bathed the room in intense hot light, overwhelming her. The bed was ripped asunder. Giant rends streaked through the black-swan-down filled mattress, black streaks through rivers of crimson.


What she could not see was her dear Vomer. Her eyes flared red as she reached into her bed stand to grab a strength potion. Taking a quick second to grab her cloak to protect her from the hateful sun and a small pack, she ran down the hall to follow the trail of the thing that stole her husband. She knew she’d need her weapons, so she couldn’t leap foolishly out the window after them. She ran down the hall, emerging into a disused chamber with empty bookshelves and discarded bones - they’d always wanted to make a child, but their careers kept them both pretty busy.


An armored warrior burst through the doorway, brandishing a laughably small knife. For over two centuries Ulna had patrolled the cemetery at World’s Edge, this human warrior was no match. Ulna stopped, adjusted her cloak, and waved the soldier on. He paused briefly, not expecting his target to be so calm, but seeing she was unarmed, he grew emboldened. He lunged towards her, thrusting his dagger towards her grinning face. She extended her left leg, sweeping his ankle out from under him. As he hit the ground, she dropped, planting her knee across the back of his neck. She reached out and twisted the knife from his hand, flipped it across her palm, and thrust it into his back.


He did not scream or twitch. His head twisted around, and as he spoke his lips and eyes turned black. “You’ll never defeat us all. You will fall before us, and your power will be ours. Vomer Bones is already lost. You have already lost.†The words dissolved into unintelligible burbles and bubbles as the soldier dissolved into a gooey pool of black. That was no human, but whatever it was was the same dark shadow-stuff that had invaded their room and stolen her husband.


Standing, Mrs. Bones held the new dagger before her, straightened her shirt, and blew her bangs out of her eyes. The soldier could not have been more wrong. She would not lose...





























We got jumped and lost a life! At least Bonehenge gave us a diamond.







Mrs. Bones got all ogre smash and started kicking corpses all over the place!




New map! Outdoors & line of sight. Looks like we get an extra life at 1 million plus a helmet instead of a hat.





... and outside!




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