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Last-minute RPChallenge Speedpaints of DOOOM: Reaper Zombie, Reaper Small Barrel, and Paizo Drow Gate

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'bout half an hour was spent on these, in desperation that I would not finish the RPChallenge in time otherwise.


The zombie in particular was a failed experiment, where I attempted to use a dark red (of some sort, I cannot recall) as a base layer for the shaded basecoating instead of a very dark purple.


I haven't painted true metallics in a while and thought I should try with the drow gate! It was nice to finally put that clockwork brass to use.


Barrel's a barrel.



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Well done!


Well played for a 30 minute speed paint.



Is the drow gate from Paizo?

Yep! I think Reaper might have been the middleman for a lot of the pre-Pathfinder minis that Paizo released, but I never did find any confirmation of that, and I have no idea who the sculptor was. In this case, the gate's from the Compleat Encounter Dark Elf SanctumI think it was released in September 2005. (Mod note: link goes to a product page, but for a product that is out of stock and will be forever. I think it's safe...)

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I like the gate. I think though you did not do a good job on the one, isn't that the giraffe girl? The one that always seems to have her tongue hanging out? You got her color choices wrong. Oh wait it is a zombie.... I can not tell real well. Need a better picture of just it. The barrel looks good especially if it has rum in it, but it would only be a swallow so need a bigger barrel.

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