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Let's Play Dice!


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About this project


Hi everybody!

As an entrepreneur, I’m always looping for new challenges; I love revisiting what already exists to make it different!

I have two motto:

  • Unique and different are the new beautiful!
  • “No one told me it was impossible†(Mark Twain).

Unfortunately I cannot give away the dice here on Kickstarter, it is against their policy! I will try to find a new way to reward your help!

The challenge was to create a perfectly balanced design for each side: they all have the same volume (mass) removed one every surface, so no side is heavier than others. Our concept was use a shape that can be divided up into 6 parts, with always the same surface occupied: Rectangle and Round shapes offer the most attractive look!


Anodized aluminium play dice

This is why I decided to present you a new dice design: the Balanced play Dice! It seems that Dice have been used from the beginning of history: games of all kind appeared to have been popular long time ago, (3000 BCE) ;)


Dimensions and concept:

16mm, 6 faced dice. Each side is flat with beveled edges for a more comfortable feel while playing. The numbers are represent by the numbers of part the form is divided in.


16 mm Play Dice

This new dice design is perfect for all gamer and collectors: modern and classic!

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