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I love doing scenes and i took a lot of time doing this one. I tried many times to heat up in water the candleabras but they just would not straighten out. if someone knows a trick or two send 'em my way. Putting in the tiles one by one took a long while, had to stop regularly because the glue gave me headaches after a while. It was all worth it.





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If the PVC is being too stubborn for heat treatment, you can run a wire or a paper clip through the middle.  Then you can bend it straight.  In this case I'd sharpen the end of the wire and run it up through the bottom of the base.  Might stab a needle through first to make a guide path.  No need to heat the wire or the needle.

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Second what Kitchen Wolf said about a wire up through the middle.  Though, first I might try boiling water, leaving the mini in there for a good minute or so and then holding it straight while dousing it with cold water for another minute or so.  It just...works.  I've never seen a Bonesium piece not hold the shape I put it in...  You may need to repaint after the boiling, but it's a small price to pay.  Keep it up, I dig the throne/summoning orb part particularly. 

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    • By Brianuk
      The next project should be a bit easier than the ships. Have brought 3 boxes of cardboard letters from Aldi. They are on sale and were part of their middle isle wedding stationery promotion. They spell "L OV E" not "F I R S T T R Y". 
      The idea is to make a temple wall complex/ set of sewer walls / set of docks. 
      When stacked together these are 5cm high, 20cm long and 15cm wide. I wanted some terrain that was modular, stackable, and tall enough to block line of site. Also that models could be pushed off. 
      I cut and stuck the L and the E together to make a "C" shaped Dock. Greenstuff rollers (bricks, and Ancestral Recall) applied to 5mm foam stuck to the walls and floor. There will be a grate in the bottom of one wall. Painting will just be black or brown mod podge then dry brushing. I am going to try and add some vines/flock/green weathering. 
      Am then going to make a series of arches out of the "O" letters. The middle of the O is the perfect size for a single based 28mm model. 
      The "V" will either be a redoubt or turned into straight walls with some waste. 

    • By Inarah
      Finished up a couple of figures from the Temple of Set  project.  The guy on the left reminds me of someone I saw in a movie once [wink].  The cultist originally had a flail or scourge in his right hand, but it broke so I replaced it with a second blade. 

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