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Colossal Skeleton Conversion for Reapercon 2016

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 Considering this guy's size, after forming the links (I assume you're using the method from the video in the chainmail thread) you may want to take the point of a hobby knife and more clearly define the edges of the links where they overlap each other. Chainmail's not bad, although you definitely need to rework the dangly bit.

One thing that I find helps me when sculpting is to imagine myself wearing the same gear and clothing, and then stand in the same pose and picture how it would sit or hang on me. For the parts that are ragged or dangling, you may want to use a thin under-layer of greenstuff to form the basic shape and flow of them, and then let it cure before adding another thin layer on to to sculpt the details in.

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Thanks, that's an excellent idea!! I'll definitely be reworking the tattered bottom of the chainmail.


Upon further consideration, the left (dagger) arm will be staying as is. The right (hammer) arm may be repositioned slightly; still pondering on that.



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I made some more progress over the past few days, here's what I've got so far:


Front: I tried reworking the tattered bits of chainmail, does this look better?




Back: A lot of this is going to be covered by the cloak, but I did it all anyway, because I'm not 100% decided on the angle/position of the cloak. The plain bit at the very top will be covered regardless, so I didn't bother with that.




And the sword has been swapped in. I'm still not sure about this arm. The original pose is pretty good, do you think I should leave it, or bend the elbow a little bit?





So, please let me know what you think.

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Oh this is cool. More please! :;):

Thanks, I'm glad you think so!


If you can keep him upright & stable I agree with bending the elbow a bit. The broken chain mail does look better. If this is a competition piece be sure to remove all mold lines.

Thanks for your input! I keep seeing mold lines that I missed; I imagine that's going to go on for a while. I'm going to try doing a mock up of both arm positions at some point this week and see what people think.


 Also, you shouldn't be feeding your bones chocolate.

But look at him, he's wasting away! He's just....bones! ::D:


That was an attempt to see his teeth a little better.

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My only comment is about the back.  The chainmail is going to hang, and while it is flexible, it is not necessarily so form fitting.  It's going to drape across the back, with the skeleton leaning over.  You don't need so much definition around the spine and scapula.

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You're 100% right. I was thinking the same thing after I finished doing it. Most of that is going to be covered by his cape (I just checked) but I wasn't sure about the use of the cape, or how I wanted it to hang, so I did all of it. If I was going to do it again (or for the benefit of anyone wants to try this themselves) I'd probably use some GS to fill in around the bones a little bit, to try to create a little 'body' so to speak. After that dried, then I'd go back and and apply more GS to sculpt as chainmail.

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And I know I said I was gonna do a mock-up of the different arm ideas...sorry, not happening now. I made an executive decision while messing around with the arm and I decided I like this better:






I think the challenge/Who's next? pose looks cooler than either of the other options, so this is where the project stands right now.



Some questions: on the left arm I'm adding a shield, should I leave the dagger along with the shield, or ditch the dagger?


Everything I've done so far has been to the torso; I'm going to be moving on to the legs at some point; I'm thinking of strapping a few random shields to the legs as makeshift armor. Good idea or not? Does anyone else have any other ideas?


Any and all input will be greatly appreciated.

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