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Maledrakh's What Age of Sigmar prompted me to paint first... 77129


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Still struggling to find some time to get some painting done. Still, what few minis I actually get around to painting this month will all go into the resolutionary challenge total. As per the resolutionary painting challenge guidelines, I will post them here, and link in my post in the challenge thread.


So the Age of Sigmar is upon us is it?


It's definatly not the Warhammer I know, that's for sure. I can't see this rule set working without making every game a narrative one. There is absolutely no way to balance it. It seems the rules strongly favor the player using few but powerful models, and horde armies, such as the Skaven I collect, get the shaft.

The one "balancing" mechanic, sudden death, lets the one with the least models choose the sudden death conditions, and they only apply to that player. The horde player gets screwed, especially if the other players plays, let's say, Ogre Kingdoms. Or maybe not. the relative power of any given unit might be more or less the same as any other unit, apart from the "as many models as you want" part... its all just dice and the power of the oppositon no longer affects your dice rolls, you roll at the same value no matter what you are attacking.

Oh well. Everything will work itself out and settle down in the end one way or the other. Might simply be a case of changing ones perspective. And there is always Kings of War for that old-timers itch.



At any rate, I was looking through the Warscrolls, and got this itch that I needed to do the following for the first two models I have painted with Age of Sigmar specifically in mind:





77129: Vermin: Rat Swarms, from the Bones 1 KS by Reaper. Betcha didn't see that coming, did ya?


Now that base sizes are totally irrelevant. these are perfectly fine to use just as they are. Just need a lot more of them...and they get to add a model to the unit every turn.



30mm base, Bones PVC

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